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Thread: Two girls need group to camp with!

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    Default Two girls need group to camp with!


    My friend and I are looking for a group to camp with for weekend 2! We are two girls 20 and 22 and are driving from SF on Thursday. We would be willing to pay you and contribute to the fun and energetic atmosphere at your campsite! We are low maintenance and easy going but excited to have a good time.

    Message me if you can help us out!

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    I have tent camping spots available a mile and a half away from the fest text if interested @7603931521.

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    Default Re: Two girls need group to camp with!

    I have camping spot available for 2-3 people. Close to the festival, clean showers, restrooms, outside grill and swimming pool. Need to bring tents. Driving distance to Coachella about 8 miles. Myself and my girlfriend looking for company to fill in the spots. Looking for very friendly people who like to have a fun time. Message me for deals -

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    Honestly you will find a whole lot of people when you get there, we had some dude stay for two nights and then disappear two years ago.

    That being said im going with three of my friends and have two spots so plenty of room for anyone who stumbles in

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