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Thread: Credit/debit cards?

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    Default Credit/debit cards?

    Do the food vendors only except cash?

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    They also except steamboat willies
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    They do accept credit cards except for the ones that only accept cash.

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    Real answer: most of the food vendors only take cash. There are a couple exceptions. There are ATMs on-site, but the lines can be long and the fees are high, so you're better off just bringing in money.
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    Or stock up on carbs prior to going in the polo fields.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cerpin taxt View Post
    They do accept credit cards except for the ones that only accept cash.
    Well played

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    cash is king . dont even fuck around with any sort of card at coachella

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    plan on cash

    some day they'll have a system where our wristbands can link to a credit card....which I'd love so I didn't have to carry cash around. (Haven't lost any...but always wondering if some fell out of my pocket)

    till then have cash ready to go

    ATM lines haven't been long at all in the beer garden area that I've seen. Every now and then a small line...
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    Only bring the cash you wish to spend each day. Unless you want to buy drinks for 100 thousand of your closest friends =) ---------(applies only if you like to get blasted)

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