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Thread: Coachella resident tickets

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    I'm going to buy 2 tickets threw the resident program. Problem is my gf isn't a resident. I know we have to be there in person to have them put them on us. Will it be a problem if she isn't a resident?

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    What do you think?
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    I read the website many times. I'll be buying the tickets and can show that I'm a resident. But will my gf need to show also. All it says it that the person who buys them needs to be there.. Also my mom will be buying for my brother and his friend. SHe is not going, I know she needs to there and so does the attendees, but does that mean they need to show proof that they r resendents? Cuz my brother is in college and changed his address.

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    resident buys a pair. one goes on the resident (you show proof) and one goes on the guest (from wherever in the world they hail does not matter).

    the issue is if you think you can buy a pair and just give the pair away. nope. resident must be going. that is the point of resident sales. hope this helps
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    Dude thank you. That's exactly what I wanted to hear. See you guys at Coachella

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    you're golden bro, my girl is from san bernardino and I'm local, i bought local last year and they only asked for proof from one person.

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