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    Hi! Does anyone know if the pass you buy has to be with your name? Like when they scan it or something at the entrance do you need to present an ID or do they just scan it and that's it? Thanks heaps!

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    after the wristband is mailed to you you'll have the option to register it in your name, on the main coachella website. you'll only need an ID if there is a problem, like if the wristband won't scan.
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    No, they won't check ID to see if the names match when entering the festival. The only time they will check ID is if something is wrong is the wristband (not working, lost, stolen, damaged, etc.) BUT the only person that they will be able to help in that scenario is the original purchases (the name its registered under is irrelevant.) So if you're planning on buying from someone make sure you don't pay cash! Only use paypal or some other secure site. That way if anything goes wrong you'll get your money back.

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