Ok, first of all I'm coming all the way to Cali from the smallest state in this country of ours: Rhode Island. Now, studies show that RI is the 6th state that has the highest amount of Marijuana usage, now don't get mad and try to deffend your state, I know, everyone smokes a lot of pot, BUT Mass. is #1 and that is why we are #6. California is #2 to get that out there. Now, I need pot. I'm giong to Santa Monica for a few days and figured if I go down to Venice Beach it should be pretty easy to meet someone that can hook that up.


1. Has anyone gotten pot from LA/Venice Beach/Santa Monica? If so, How? Was it good?

2. Is it easy to get into the fest? If so, How?

3. Is anyone going to be at the fest that is willing to meet up?

Thank you all for your time and patience, answers are appreciated.