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Thread: Camp Stools?

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    I saw that chairs are not allowed, but how bout a tripod stool that stands about a foot tall? Super compact, light, and short. This would be sooo much better than sitting on grass but isn't as tall as a chair. Anybody have experience with this?

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    Why? Why would this be necessary?

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    You're gonna carry a stool around all day?

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    Nothing's better than sitting on grass

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    get the fuck outta here

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    I bring a 18"X42" scarf to sit/lay on.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neighborhood Creep View Post
    I bring a 18"X42" scarf to sit/lay on.
    He's talking about his foreskin.
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    sitting on something 12" off the ground sounds irritating to my knees and back. i would much rather lay out in the grass to recoup.

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    I can't believe we made it 9 posts without a "stool" joke.

    No way would I carry that thing around. A nice beach towel or even small blanket works just fine.
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    I have seen people in the past couple years get in with those like tripod stools with like a cane handle, and they sort of just like lean their asses on them. I guess it provides some rest if you are not able to easily get up and down to sit on the ground. However getting one in might be up to the discretion of security. I dont mind people having them as they dont seem to take up space, but I wouldnt really wanna carry one around all day either.

    I always just carry around a bandana or small towel to throw down on the ground when I need a rest.
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    If you want something for back support and padded, you could use something like THIS and not block everyone's view.

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