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Thread: Companion Parking -----> Car Camping

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    Default Companion Parking -----> Car Camping

    Hey there! Looking for some feedback from anyone nice enough to give a shit!

    I have a companion parking pass and will be driving my car in alone and parking on Thursday morning. The rest of my group will be entering the festival through the car camping entrance at the same time. I know that there is usually quite a bit of a wait to get through the camping security. SO my question is that when I park, am I able to then go meet up with the rest of my group while they are in line for the camping security or will I need to wait until they are actually in the campgrounds?

    Thanks and Happy Coachella!

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    Default Re: Companion Parking -----> Car Camping

    Either way, as long as you are wearing a valid wristband.
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    Default Re: Companion Parking -----> Car Camping

    It depends. If you are carrying a lot of gear with you, the last thing you want to do is haul all of that crap to your friends car before they even get to their car camping spot. Keep in mind you will effectively go thru two inspections in this scenario also. Maybe you only have a backpack? Still, do you want to walk the extra 1.5 miles from the companion lot to the madness that is the car inspection lot? Would be hell locating them in that clusterfuck. Best wait till they could give you specific coordinates like Street Name & Lot number, plus any obvious landmarks that neighbors may have erected.
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