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Thread: Getting There Early

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    Default Getting There Early

    I didn't get to the festival early on any day last year. What are the lines like in the morning? What's the best time to get there if you want to see the early acts?

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    negligible lines. as for the correct time, if an act is playing at, say, 12.30, I'd recommend arriving around, hmmm, 12.15

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    11am when gates open. Anytime after 12 noon and you will be waiting for at least an hour, especially on the first day. Security at the gates can be real turds sometimes, making the whole process even ore intolerable. I would at least an hour before the first act you want to see. Just my 2 cents.

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    Friday is always crowded early, because everyone is trying to get in (and no one quite has a hangover yet).
    Saturday & Sunday, the earlier the better.
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    I like arriving at around 12. The lines aren't usually more than about 15 minutes long at that point. Show up anytime past 2 or 3, you're going to be waiting a while. Especially on Friday.

    Some good advice for getting through security fast, before deciding which line to go to, walk all the way to the left so you can see security. There are some who take forever to get people through, while others will be nice and speedy. Don't neceserily be fooled by which line is longer or shorter.
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