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Thread: For Sale 3 Tickets for Saturday 4/28

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    Default For Sale 3 Tickets for Saturday 4/28

    I posted this about a week ago but I really didn't get any bites. So I'm posting it again. I have 3 individual tickets for Saturday 4/28. I would like to sell them for what I paid ticketmaster which was $102 each but I'm willing to go down to no less than $95 each. My friends decided to get the passes instead, so now we don't need these tickets that we bought before hand. I can send you a picture of the tickets if you would like proof. If interested PLEASE email me at ASAP

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    Default Re: For Sale 3 Tickets for Saturday 4/28

    i emailed you, if u didnt get it email me back at

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    Default Re: For Sale 3 Tickets for Saturday 4/28

    Hi, just emailed you!

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