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Thread: Southern Utah/Las Vegas Carpool

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    Default Southern Utah/Las Vegas Carpool

    Anyone traveling from Utah or Las Vegas that needs a ride or has room for three more people? Let me know...


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    Default Re: Southern Utah/Las Vegas Carpool

    hey josh,
    are u leaving from Utah? i'm driving from LV w/ another guy leaving on thursday. maybe we can caravan down if ur coming from Utah, unless u wanna leave ur car in sin city and pile in the Xterra with us. anyways, we plan on hitting up the strip wed night too if ur interested.


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    Default Re: Southern Utah/Las Vegas Carpool

    I may be interested in ditching my car in LV and catching a ride with you. There are three of us. We would probably meet up with you on thursday. How old are you? The three of us are 18, fans of Arcade Fire, Bjork, and Rage. Let me know if you are still able to lend us a ride. Thanks,


    ps-how much money for gas?

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