I will be flying into Long Beach on Thursday 4/26 at 12:30p, and will be departing from there on Monday 4/30 at 4:50p. Is there anyone who would be willing to carpool? Please respond here, PM me or email me at scottishfiction at gmail dot com.

Unfortunately, the person I was supposed to carpool with has flaked on me or so it seems as he has not responded to my attempts at contact within the past two weeks, and because I was dumb enough to wait for him to "firm up" his flight plans, I missed out on an affordable flight to the LA area via Southwest. However, I can still fly into Long Beach through JetBlue for a good price, which is what I am doing.

This will be my third Coachella, I am camping onsite, I am not averse to renting a car from the airport although it's been a long long time since I've driven around in SoCal, I am 25 and quite awesome, etc.