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Thread: Dome you love me?

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    Default Dome you love me?

    So, Coachella just posted this.

    Thoughts on where it is located and what it will be used for?

    answers of it will be located on the polo fields and used for music are definitely acceptable answers.

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    In the campsite like last year?
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    Wouldn't it be hilarious if Daft Punk were to play, but at the end, they take of their helmets and it was Justice all along? And they're all like "We are Juusteeeece!"

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    The silent disco Djs suck so bad.maybe I'll go in with my own music this year .might as well let Paris Hilton be the host , at least it would be shitty music with a celebrity whore.
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    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    Default Re: Dome you love me?

    Yeah, looks like the silent disco in the camping area.
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    You can't go in until late on the first day because you can't hang?
    You giant pussy.

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    has to be

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