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Thread: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

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    Default Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    First timer here - will be doing the Solo-chella thing, and I'm trying to figure out what to do about accommodation....

    Am I insane to look at Joshua Tree as an option as a place to stay? I'd be driving to the festival everyday then - and trying to find parking. I'd rather drive a bit more and spend less on my hotel, but I'm not really familiar with the area and don't want to be stuck driving for three hours each way.

    My other option would be to try and find something in Palm Springs and then hopefully find something near a shuttle, but I'd probably be spending the same amount of time getting to the venue - or would I?

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    Finding parking at the festival is not a problem at all, because parking is free and you just park in one of the lots. The problem is how long you end up waiting in the parking lots once the festival ends and everyone is queuing up to leave all at the same time. If you stay somewhere in Palm Springs along the shuttle time, you have the advantage of not having to wait in the parking lot for 1-2 hours just to get on the road. But it will still take you maybe 1 hour to get back to your shuttle stop.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    No don't stay there. April is Joshua Trees busiest time. I meen. I would just park and back country it which I have done filling out the permit form, but day lots will be almost impossible to find. Stay at Shadow Hills RV Park 7 Miles away. You can Tent Camp and its at a Shuttle Stop. RIde your Bike or Drive. Shuttle is easer. This is the link to Tent Camping at the RV Park.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    They have techno music at the pool? 1:17
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    I camped there in 2007 and it was a hassle. Do it before or after if you have time, but not during.
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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    yeah i camped there in 07 as well and it was pretty brutal. I ended up finding some friends with a hotel around palm springs and stayed there instead.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 - Is staying in Joshua Tree feasible?

    Last year, I did not attend Coachella but I went to Cotton Wood Campground to hike to the Palms ORasis and Backpack. All of the regular car camping spots were 100 percent full because of the great weather and regular Rock Climbers and Outdoorsy people and people there for Coachella. From the Cotton Wood Campground you have to walk 1 mile down trail to just backpack and at night I could see the 4 Spot Lights 1 hour away comming from Indio.

    It is just too rugged and no showers. This is my first time going to the festival and I am staying at Shadow Hills RV Park with that pool and special event tent camping.

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