I Drive You During Coachella and Stagecoach!

Going to Coachella Music Fest or Stagecoach? I have a 7 passenger Ford Explorer with running boards so you can easily get in and out of my SUV. You can hire me for the day or for the entire weekend. With cabs so scarce and Shuttles only going to a few hotels and stopping after the festival, It makes sense to hire a car and driver so you can enjoy your time in our beautiful desert. There is a ton of great things to do after the shuttles go home for the day. I will be at your beck and call 24/7 to take you to dinner, drop you off at the festival or just go casino hopping or partying in the evening. You drink I drive! If you need me to go on a beer or champagne run I would be happy to do that! Want me to run to the store for party favors! I am on my way! Private message me here or respond and I will pm you with pricing and availability at that time. First come first served!