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Thread: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

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    Default Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Did this thread last some great feedback on it...haven't seen one started yet this year so thought I'd launch it up again for 2014.

    Big surprise for me this year is how few acts I've already seen. Girl Talk, Ellie Goulding, and Chromeo only three on Friday (and none whom I'd give exceptional marks).

    For Saturday

    Muse - If you like their music, you'll love their show...good energy, great chops, lots of laser-y and rear-screen pyrotechnics...but aside from a few songs, I don't like their music, and found their 2010 set at Coachella dull despite all the effort on their part.

    MGMT - Believe every bad thing you've of the most disinterested live acts I had ever seen, until I caught Destroyer.

    Sleigh Bells - Solid, good energy, some very fun songs (though mostly their earlier stuff that won't get as much play this time out)

    Cage The Elephant - I caught them when they were a much smaller name playing the Mojave around 2 back in 2009 and loved them then...haven't seen since cause haven't cared much for most of their more recent material but friends who have haven't been particularly forthcoming with praise...Sounds like lead singer's voice is up and down depending on when you catch them.

    City and Colour - a smaller artist whom I really question bringing back for a second stint though I think I know why (an ex-punker from PT's younger promoter days), but I will say this, has a phenomenal voice...if you're looking for some downtime and a great midday chill-out set...this might be the call.

    Warpaint - much better live than on record...they get this crazy separation of sound thing going can hear every detail from every instrument...sonically spellbinding in person even though a lot of their songs are just so-so.

    Only act I've seen before Sunday is Arcade Fire (3 times previous) - not a huge fan of either Win Butler or RC's stage presence...Win can come off very uptight (though he was much more relaxed at Coachella 2010) and RC's just so pretentious, her mannerism's really bug me after a while...but there's no denying that when these guys get cooking, they're one of the top arena-sized live acts around, and even though Reflektor, for me, is their worst album yet, it's got a few songs, particularly Normal Person and the whisper-hush end of Hey Orpheus, that I cannot wait to hear live.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Empire of the sun - crazy visuals and weird things going on. If your on drugs it will probably be the best show of the weekend. New album is shitty EDM and the show isn't as good as the last time they played . Must see one time in your life though.

    Grouplove are incredibly happy people that will have a top 5 daytime set if you like being happy.

    Starfukr will be another top 5 daytime set , it's just a blast and they don't take themselves seriously at treasure island they had sex dolls and people in animal costumes running around stage.

    Naked and famous are pretty great live , they actually show a lot of range live and can get a heavier rock vibe going when they want to.

    Muse is a top visual band that tries to see how over the top they can take it. Before that they were still jaw dropping live with powerful guitar work. If you hate them you still need to see it once.

    I'm from sacramento so I have a soft spot for chino therefore crosses are a must see to me. I had a blast watching them last year and Chino is just one of the greatest frontmen out there.

    Washed out is pretty bland to me
    Chromeo is just ok I've seen them twice although I heard they killed it last time they played coachella.

    Kid cudi was awesome at lolla a few years ago .

    Beck is not a dance party so don't go in win that expectation.

    Dj falcon is a pretty fun time you won't regret it .

    Skrillex is pretty awful music , if your wasted and want to see some top notch visuals and overstimulation it will be a good time.

    Foster the people are great live but the new songs are so bad I don't know how they can hide it.

    Surfer blood are average , they had potential but seem to be falling off.

    Disclosure is a blast you will not regret choosing them even if it is vs arcade fire .

    Arcade fire I absolutely hate on record but live they are a different animal. They have such a complete and huge sound live it's hard not to get sucked in.

    Head and the heart I find to be very good live , others called them saccharin lol.

    Sleigh bells are a love or hate thing , I found them rather forgettable.

    Calvin Harris plays the same shit as everyone else in the Sahara , some big name guest performer will probably come out .
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Man, I thought I'd seen more than this already. Kind of nice to realize how many bands I'll be seeing for the first time.

    Ranked from best to worst:

    Arcade Fire - A+. I've seen them four times, and their 2011 set is one of my all time favorites.

    Jagwar Ma - B+ Pretty awesome sound, and great at creating dancy grooves to get lost in.

    Beck - B+ I actually loved his setlist at OSL, which was the only time I've seen him.

    CHVRCHES - B+ Only played about 65 minutes when I saw them, which means they'll have a perfect festival set. Great sound, enjoyable lights, wish they had a live drummer.

    Sleigh Bells - B+ Saw them after their first, very good album, and raged hard. Not so excited to see them after their last two.

    Naked & Famous - B+ Really expansive sound - I'm not a huge fan on record but live, they were great.

    MS MR - C+ They seemed almost too happy to have sold out three nights in SF? Which is a weird thing to say, but I wish they'd owned their popularity a bit more.

    Head & the Heart - C+ Nothing bad, nothing special.

    Girl Talk - C- A fun enough party until ten minutes pass and you realize it's just going to be more of that shit for awhile.

    Fatboy Slim - D+ One of the few Sahara acts I checked out before I figured out what kind of dance music I like. Pretty boring.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Will edit this post as I get time.

    Warpaint - god tier live. Completely entrancing, layered, sensual, and trippy. Glorious extended bits and outro jams and their drummer is ridiculously inhuman. 10/10

    MGMT - a joke. The epitome of indifferent, holier than thou hipsterism, but onstage. Absolutely no reason for these clowns to be on this, or any, lineup in 2014. 2/10

    Sleigh Bells - one trick ponies. They should have been banned for life for doing a 20 minute set in 2010 despite being scheduled for 45 and not bothering to include their best song. Blaring riffs and fake Marshall stacks for baseless teen angst. 3.5/10

    The Naked and Famous - what roboto said 7/10

    Girl Talk - novelty wears off after about 5 minutes 4/10

    Mogwai - intense, epic. Trip for this one. 7/10

    Dum Dum Girls - I was quite excited for their set at Sasquatch, but the set ran from a mess to flat and bland. In their defense, that stage had horrendous sound so I'll give them another chance. 5/10

    Arcade Fire - They saved music, right? 10/10

    Muse - self parody now but have always been a blast live, where their over the top ness is an asset. 8.5/10

    Queens of the Stone Age - Saw them at Detour 2006 and it was a huge disappointment. Lifeless and phoned-in. Off night? Let's hope. 4/10

    Kate Nash - we were too blown away from the opener to really pay arrention. 5/10

    Little Dragon - always a smooth, sexy dance party. 9/10

    Beck - can be fun, can be underwhelming. 8/10 when he's bringing it, 6/10 when he's bored/tired/sad

    The Head and the Heart - zzzz 4/10

    Chvrches - Charming, sounds deeper and more intense love. Great light show, too. 8/10

    Daughter - I expected them to be a sleepy time live, bit instead their set was slow-burning enchantment that built towards a surprisingly epic intensity. 7.5/10
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Outkast – F I V E S T A R

    Haim – I hate this band and this type of music. The only reason I saw them is because they were playing as I entered the LiB fest. They talk in-between their songs, which is actually less interesting than the songs themselves (I know that is really hard to believe because the songs are so banal). Think Middle School Talent show...

    Muse – These guys make me want to cut my fucking ears off. I saw them open for Rage Against the Machine and it was a total snooze fest. These guys are like a modern day Meatloaf.

    Queens of the Stone Age - F I V E S T A R

    Empire of the Sun – This band is a total fucking joke. I highly recommend staying the fuck away. They’re like some gimmicky band from the movie 5th Element. My cousin dragged me to see them at EDC last year and I seriously could not believe how horrible these guys were.

    Arcade Fire - F I V E S T A R

    Beck - F I V E S T A R

    Duck Sauce (A-Trak) - F I V E S T A R
    fuckin' with the lights on

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Bonobo - 5/5. live band will replicate his sound beautifully. Not sure if Adriana Triana will be joining but if she does, do not miss this set. But if you feel like partying instead of chilling.. maybe skip it.

    Disclosure - 4/5. I love these guys and have seen them live twice now, it's a great time but I haven't been "WOWED". There's just not much to watch since their visuals are bland and they only play drum pads and bass (obviously other things are going on but nothing you can really see from the crowd). Last time I saw them was at Hard Summer during the day and it was a little boring and way too packed, but I'm sure they will bring it for their big return to Coachella, especially since they might have a ton of guest singers come out.

    Dillon Francis - 4/5. If you're into this kind of music, his sets are always a blast. Always a ton of energy and keeps the crowd interested.

    Skrillex - 3/5. Regardless of your opinion of his music, if this is in Sahara it will be huge. Visuals alone are worth the inevitable brosterfuck. I was forced away from a James Murphy DJ set to see Skrillex a few years ago.. I wasn't too happy about it at the time but don't regret witnessing him derail a few trains.

    Empire of the Sun - 5/5. The jury is still out on what exactly these guys are performing live. I think a lot of it is pre-recorded, but the show is still incredible. It sounds perfect and there is absolutely no way anyone could be bored watching their performance.

    AFI - 4/5. It's been a long time, but AFI is one of the best punk bands I've ever seen on a big stage. I haven't taken these guys "seriously" since I was in high school, but I still expect them to put on a very high energy show.

    Kid Cudi - 4/5. I saw him in 2009 right after MOTM came out. Loved it. He takes a lot of heat these days but based on what I saw 5 years ago, he's worth the risk.

    Grouplove - 5/5. One of my highlights from 2012. An absolute blast live. These guys love Coachella and will put on a very fun show. To me, this is the perfect set to "officially" kick off Friday night.

    No bad reviews here!

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Girl Talk - like a kid's birthday party (1/10)
    Chromeo - enjoyable enough, have to be in the right mood to deal with their schtick (6/10)
    AFI - always fun to pretend your a teenager in the 90s again (6/10)
    Grouplove - fun and happy stuff, be prepared to deal with a lot of flower power shoutouts (7/10)
    QOTSA - awesome stuff, especially with Jon Theodore on drums now (9/10)
    Foster the people - I liked the first album a lot, the new stuff concerns me (7/10)
    MGMT - yuck (1/10)
    Mogwai - awesome instrumental soundscape stuff, but won't be as good as Godspeed were (8/10)
    Arcade Fire - not a cool band, but amazingly good live (10/10)
    Beck - not a dance party, but should be a good set (8/10)
    Calvin Harris - gross (1/10)
    Motorhead - this will be the 5th time seeing them, they play their songs and that's about it (6/10)
    Trombone Shorty - super fun stuff (8/10)

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Replacements - Now, I saw them in 1990 and they've lived half their lives since then (well, Bobby hasn't and wasn't even in the band by that time, RIP) so things have likely changed. Regardless, these guys were special live back then. Hope they capture at least half of what they had.

    Grouplove - Saw them as an opening act and at Coachella '12. Loved both sets. Yes, they're a KROQ band, but they know what they're doing and they're a lot of fun. Unless one of your must-sees is playing, well worth your time.

    Waxahatchee - Was looking forward to seeing them at FYF and found them a bit flat, dull and disappointing.

    MGMT - Did not regret leaving their set two songs in for Les Savy Fav at FYF. They were fine and their sound was good, but it wasn't much different than listening to a record.

    Beck - Liked, but didn't love his set at OSL in '12. He's not going to jump around but he can write and play.

    Frank Turner - Seen him three times, including Coachella '10. He probably does about 180 dates a year and it shows. High energy, folk-punk songs with smart lyrics and good audience banter.

    The Cult - Well, I did see Ian Astbury as the Jim Morrison stand-in for the Doors redux in the early aughts. Dude has some pipes. I gotta think that Firewoman and Sanctuary are going to rock windows all over the valley.

    Sleigh Bells - Definitely an acquired taste. Their sound comes off well live, I will say that.

    Neko Case - Only saw her with the NP's, twice. Love her voice just washing over me.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Broken Bells - They're not The Shins, but if you like them on record, you'll probably like them live. Just watch out for James Mercer's terrible new dance moves. B
    Girl Talk - Was surprised how much I enjoyed this set in 2012 after walking away from Justice's debacle in disgust, but the crowd douchebag factor was at its maximum. Plus, if you've seen his show once, you've seen all his shows. C+
    Ellie Goulding - Bored the crap out of me in 2011, and that was before she went all electro. Plus, given her breakthrough in the 3 years since, I'm sure her crowd will be 50 times more annoying this year. D
    HAIM - I can see where the hate comes from, but these girls rock out live more than I thought they would, and I was pretty impressed. B+
    Neko Case - Yeah, she's awesome, whether she's solo or with TNP. Haunting and powerful. A-
    The Afghan Whigs - If you miss these guys, you're stupid. Back from the dead and they sound incredible. Expect to see Greg Dulli jump off stage and get intense. A
    Bastille - Pretty sure they're the worst thing to come out of the UK since Mumford and Sons. Saw these guys at a KROQ show and they were so, so awful. And as a KROQ show, obviously that audience loved them. D-
    Grouplove - Pretty intolerable on record, but extremely fun live. I'm a bit sick of them, though. B
    Austra - I've seen a lot of hype for them on this board, and they deserve it. Eerie and beautiful. Seen them twice at their own show. A-
    Wye Oak - Only time I ever saw them was opening for The National, and it was an inoffensive set but didn't thrill me either. Should be a good set to chill out to. B-

    Muse - Most of their show has devolved into a self-indulgent light show to distract from bad pop songs, but there are still signs of badass rawness. B+
    Queens of the Stone Age - Sounding as great as ever, and love or hate the new album, it sounds so much better live. A
    Lorde - She really needs to tone down her erratic dancing, but captivating otherwise. I'm sure her crowd will be a clusterfuck. B
    Foster the People - Like Grouplove, not really my thing but can be fun live. Watching 80% of the crowd leave after "Pumped Up Kicks" at OSL was hilarious. C+
    MGMT - Fuck these guys. D
    The Head and the Heart - Really boring at FYF a few years ago. Not offensively so, but they were just kinda...there. C
    Sleigh Bells - As someone said above, they've always been love or hate. And I hated them. But if you haven't seen them, give it a shot. D+
    Cage the Elephant - Hey, you know that band the local so-called "alternative" station plays every hour and all your friends tell you are amazing live because they have so much energy, even though having so much energy doesn't change the fact that they still sound like shit? Cage the Elephant is that band. C-
    CHVRCHES - Infectious and danceable, even though the band members are fairly uninteresting to watch. B+
    The Naked and Famous - One of the less offensive KROQ-type bands, they are hit-or-miss. Seen them 3 times, 2 of those times they were really fun, the other time not so much. B-
    Warpaint - Believe the hype. Incredibly captivating, plus they're all really fun to watch (their cuteness is just a bonus). Can't believe I skipped these guys for POP ETC once. A
    Future Islands - A random catch at FYF once, extremely entertaining to watch but wasn't really sold on their music. Still, they have the best frontman ever. B
    Ty Segall - Had no idea who he was when I saw him and I walked away impressed. B
    White Lies - Kinda been sour on them after the first album but they're still fairly fun. B-
    Blood Orange - This guy floored me a couple years ago. Maybe the most underrated guitarist on the lineup too. A-

    Arcade Fire - Safe booking or not, they're an amazing live act. Reflektor songs sound very good live too. A
    Little Dragon - Surprised me a few years ago. Really fun dance party. B+
    Daughter - Haunting and slow-burning. They were very good opening for The National at Hollywood Forever. B+

    Funny how little I've seen of Sunday compared to the previous two days.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Oh yeah haim is awful .
    Poolside I can't remember at all so couldn't have been good.
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    I haven't seen anything on Friday. so that's kind of exciting.
    For Saturday:
    Muse: Saw a majority of their set in 2010. They sound great. great visuals as everyone has said. They don't have a lot of great songs though so B+
    MGMT: Boring. Boring. Boring. D
    Cage The Elephant: I saw them last time the played the festival. It was a good set. They didn't sound amazing but they had good energy. C+
    Ty Segall: I saw him at FYF last year and it was an acoustic set. But it looks like he's past that now so I'm not sure what to expect. that show was a B

    Arcade Fire: Literally amazing in 2011. I can't wait to see how they top that. One of the best live bands in the world right now. A+
    Beck: Saw him at OSL in '12. I never saw beck in the days where he danced around more so to me it was a good show. B+
    Neutral Milk Hotel:* I saw Jeff Mangum twice on his tour, and that was wonderful. I expect no less, in fact i expect more from this set. A
    Big Gigantic: Not the least interesting electronic act I've ever seen. good if you like saxophone. Still pretty generic and cheesy. C-

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts


    haim - pretty boring. 4/10
    grouplove - very boring and groad inducing - 3/10
    dum dum girls - excellent band. the guitars were layered perfectly. 9/10


    city & colour - some friends of mine are huge fans so I checked them out at bonnaroo a few years ago. fine to lay in the grass ans chill. nothing more. - 6/10
    warpaint - sublime. - 9/10
    solange - i saw her as part of the hip hop superjam at bonnaroo last year. she sang killin' me softly and it was wonderful - incomplete
    darkside - stunning. perfect meld of trippy guitar work and rump rattlin' beats. 9/10
    holy ghost - saw them play a day-time set last year, and it was pretty flat. if they can grab a night slot i'll check them out again - 6/10
    dismemberment plan - i was pretty drunk and i'm not familiar with their records but it was a good show - 8/10


    arcade fire - no description necessary. I'm pretty sure everyone who likes their albums loves them live, and as stated earlier in this thread even someone who doesn't like them can appreciate their live show. 10/10
    neutral milk hotel - what's to say? don't miss this. if you've been waiting for this for years and years it's everything you want it to be and more. 11/10
    disclosure - they're fine. i like a few of their songs but they aren't some transcendent live act like some people claim them to be. 8/10
    little dragon - i was pleasantly surprised by how they translated live. dance party for sure - 8/10
    frank turner - great energy, fun folk-punk songs with irreverent lyrics performed with supreme confidence - 9/10
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Ellie Goulding: Weaker voice, but still a fun show if you like her music. B
    Chromeo: I've had a blast both times seeing them. B
    Girl Talk: Fun but forgettable. C
    Grouplove: Infectious. Better live than on the album. B+

    Muse: They bring it every time. A
    Foster the People: Enjoyed both times I saw them. New stuff is worriesome though. B
    MGMT: Saw a little bit of their set in 2010. I didnt hate it, but I don't remember it being amazing either C
    Empire of the Sun: Loved the first time, was annoyed wondering if they were playing live at all the second time. A/D
    Sleigh Bells: Not good, unless you're into loud annoying bullshit. D-
    Mogwai: Maybe the loudest band I've ever seen. B+

    Arcade Fire: What can you say. They're incredible live. A+
    STRFKR: Put on a great show at OSL. Fun set. B
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    QOTSA - My first Coachella was in 2004 and I have been a decade straight since then. This is the one band I have been wanting to see on the polo fields in that time. They may be the only band I see at Coachella this year due to health issues, I am probably going to drive out from Newport just to see them, that's how big a fan I am. Saw them 3 times last spring/summer. In a studio for a KCRW taping 2 feet from Josh, at the wiltern, and at universal amphitheater. Each time the band was more and more on point, they are the tightest they have ever been. No messing around onstage, they mean business, from the first note to the last.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts


    1. Chromeo - An act that gets a lot of shit, for what reason I'm not entirely sure. They were one of the best sets in 2010, a great live dance party.

    2. Girl Talk - Not much of a fan, got dragged to his set twice, Coachella 2009 and 2012. First time I hated him, but 2012 I thought he played a fun set. Doubt I'll be seeing him again this year.

    3. Jagwar Ma - Saw them at Amoeba in SF without really knowing much of their music aside from one or two songs. They were really great, but I can't wait to see them on a bigger stage with better sound.


    1. Nas - Granted, I saw him play with Damian Marley back in 2011, this was by far one of the best sets of that year. Now that I hear he'll be playing Illmatic in full, I'm reeeeeally hoping for a conflict free set.

    2. Skrillex - Coachella 2011. Just...Don't go...I often have nightmares thinking about him playing the Main Stage.

    3. Empire of the Sun - Was really excited to see them for the first time at HARD Summer, as I've been a fan for a while. They put on a less than enthusiastic show, and I left 20 minutes into the set. Don't think I'll be seeing them again.


    1. Arcade Fire - Seen them 4 times (Twice at Coachella) and I enjoyed their set every time. 2011 was something else. Excited for a mellow set to end the Weekend, and maybe a couple surprises.

    2. Beck - He was basically the reason I went to Outside Lands in 2012. So maybe the reason I wasn't a fan of his performance is because it was so hyped up for me. Not at all energetic and the set list was less than great. That said, I have a good feeling he'll put on a better, perhaps more nostalgic set on the Polo Fields this year.

    3. Disclosure - Just the best. Seen them 4 times since 2012 (all Live sets) and they've absolutely killed it every time. Their set closing the festival last year was nothing short of magical, and I was legitimately moved by the performance. One of the best endings to Coachella ever. This year will be no different.

    4. Duck Sauce - Their HARD Summer set was a serious dance party. Some funky jams and not going to lie, that Duck is pretty fun to watch. Might see this year, conflicts pending.

    5. Poolside - Saw them at Treasure Island Fest, then Mezzanine both in San Francisco. Glad to see them finally booked as their music is perfect for a relaxing daytime Coachella set. Can't wait to see these guys again.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    OUTKAST: Saw them in 2001 at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. Ludacris was opening for them supporting his first album. I wish I remembered it better but I don't have the best memory for shit that happened 13 years ago. I remember they played "Humble Mumble" which I'm sure they won't do at Coachella. I won't complain if they do. A+

    BROKEN BELLS: Fonda in LA in 2010. I was (and still am) a big fan of their first album, and obviously that's what they played. They also covered "Crimson and Clover" and it was fantastic. B+

    GIRL TALK: At Outside Lands in 2011 he had some Michael Jackson on his iPod and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. D

    CHROMEO: Outside Lands 2010. My girlfriend and her girlfriends were into it and were dancing. Wasn't really my thing at the time and still isn't really either. Was only there for half the set. C

    WAXAHATCHEE: Really early daytime set at FYF last year. I like her on the album but it was pretty snoozy in the moment for me. C-

    WYE OAK: Casbah in San Diego 2011. Jenn can wail on the guitar and the dude plays drums and keys at the same time. It's been a while though. B

    MUSE: Dude can sing and play the guitar. Can't argue with the quality of the show. Not really my thing though. B

    MGMT: I was pretty fucked up in 2010 at Coachella and enjoyed "The Youth" and "Electric Feel" quite a bit. They were better at FYF last year. Oracular Spectacular is soo good I wish they were as interesting live. B-

    EMPIRE OF THE SUN: Caught the end of them at OSL and fell into a perfect dance party. Tried to recreate it at Coachella the next year and couldn't quite. Still very entertaining, especially visually. "Swordfish Hotkiss Night" was a trip. Not a huge fan of the new album. C+

    WASHED OUT: Pretty snoozy in 2011 opening for Cut Copy and much improved last year at FYF. I'm looking forward to hearing some of the Paracosm material again now that I've had much longer to familiarize myself with it. B-

    FUTURE ISLANDS: One of my favorites right now. Lead singer is dramatic to say the least. A

    DARKSIDE: Saw them a couple of months ago. Really cool how these two guys use their different styles to create some beautiful sounds. Some DARKSIDE Of The Moon vibes in there. Cool visuals. A-

    FOXYGEN: These kids are such little punk assholes but I love their music. Dude broke his leg during a show a year ago while jumping off the stage and then they canceled their shows for the next six months. They're a year late to Coachella (IMO) and I haven't seen them in a year. I've heard they're hit-or-miss. When I saw them they were "hit." B+

    ARCADE FIRE: Live shows don't get much better. Real pros. A+

    BECK: I had two very different experiences. One in 1997 and again in 2012. I liked the 2012 show even though it lacked some energy, which everyone complains about. I'm hoping he surprises some of the naysayers this year. B+

    CHANCE THE RAPPER: Big fan, but he's better on record. Not the most memorable live show. He just kinda did the songs when I saw him, nothing else. C

    TROMBONE SHORTY: Saw him in 2009 and it was a fucking party. Put your dancing shoes on. A

    SURFER BLOOD: Have seen them twice. Pretty good but they were upstaged by the other band that played that night both times. C+

    POOLSIDE: Missed a good chunk of Kurt Vile to watch Poolside with my GF at FYF. They were smooth and I dug it. B+
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pee Wee Herman's Hermits View Post
    Melted my face off at Skrillex

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Broken Bells - C, decent but boring
    HAIM - B, awesome live, fun time
    Muse - A-, never fails to disappoint but setlist needs work, still a must-see for me
    QOTSA - A, fucking great live, no question, Josh Homme is a god
    Head and the Heart - B, good harmonies and vibe
    Sleigh Bells - C+, ridiculously loud show, great entertainers but the music itself is just not that good
    DARKSIDE - B, very tight, recommended, but talkers and sound bleed will be a problem
    White Lies - B+, I just saw them and they have a great 80's sound, love the vocals, tight band
    Saints of Valory - C+, not very memorable
    Arcade Fire - A-, one of the best live bands on the planet
    Neutral Milk Hotel - A, superb superb superb show
    Disclosure - A-, fun times and good mix of live and tracked
    Surfer Blood - D, walked by them at OSL and thought they were terrible
    Austra - C, saw them at SXSW last year and left, I didn't get a special vibe from it, but everything I've read since then has been glowing, maybe they've improved
    J Roddy Walston - B, a little screamy but really engaging blues rock stomper and has some good songs
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Empire of the Sun at Coachella 2011 probably had my favorite set of all time, but Chemical Brothers that year took it.

    Girl Talk is a really fun set.

    MGMT the first time I saw them at a small theater was amazing. Saw them at a festival and they sucked.

    Nas was okay.

    Skrillex's lasers are cool, music sucks.

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Disclaimer: I go to shows/festivals often and have done so for many years. My expectations are high for a live act these days. However, I'm a total genre whore, I've been through a dozen phases and I love just about everything so... yeah.

    --AFI was one of my favorite bands back in the days of Black Sails in the Sunset, which was like 12 years ago I think. Saw them only once like 4 years ago. Were way better than I expected them to be. Definitely worth a look.
    --Alesso I've seen two or three times and he's definitely a solid act.
    --Anthony Green is the singer from early Saosin and presently Circa Survive.. at least I think he still is. It's been a while. Those bands ruled when he was the front man and his voice is pretty unique, definitely worth a look.
    --Anti-Flag was one of my favorite bands like 12 years ago. I've seen them several times and used to love those shows. Last couple times I remember, Justin Sane's voice was going, not sure how it is these days but will definitely be passing through.
    --Arcade Fire was a great live act last time they were at Coachella, although I'm not crazy about their music. If you're into them you won't be disappointed.
    --Calvin Harris I saw at Creamfields a few years ago. He sucked butt hole then but I hear he has turned it around. Love a lot of his tunes.
    --Cajmere I have not seen, although I have seen him as Green Velvet at Coachella a few years back. I wasn't into his live show then but I've heard it was an off show. His music definitely has the potential to be a good time live.
    --City and Colour is certainly one talented dude. I used to love Alexisonfire, his old band. His Coachella set a few years back was nice and chill. Good daytime music but I wouldn't sacrifice anyone to see him.
    --Dillon Francis I have high, high hopes for. SUPER disappointing last year but he has so many sick tunes. Please bring it this year! Don't play two versions of every song! Pick the better ones!
    --Ellie Goulding was awesome last time she was at Coachella. Check that cutie out!
    --Empire of the Sun was great sounding live and are very theatrical. Possibly a little over the top theatrical, but definitely worth a look if you haven't seen them. If you have, once was probably good enough.
    --Fatboy Slim is the shit! I've only seen him once but he definitely breaks the mold in dance music. Totally worth a peek if you haven't seen him.
    --Gareth Emery is the man. Seen him a few times now, although it has been a while. Love me some Gareth.
    --GTA is what you'd expect. Not bad, but not great.
    --Kid Cudi is the shit. See him.
    --MUSE is definitely one of the best live bands I've ever seen. Hands down. Mathew Bellamy is the epitome of a rock star.
    --Neutral Milk Hotel is my number one this year. I saw Jeff Mangum the lead singer at Coachella at couple years back. One man, sitting in a chair in the center of a big stage with only a guitar and a mic, and it was the best show of the entire weekend. Do it.
    --Skrillex was disappointing the first time I saw him at Coachella but then totally blew me the fuck away at Creamfields a few years ago. That guy can put on a fucking show. If you like Dubstep, even if you assume you are not a Skrilly fan, check him out. I doubt you'll be disappointed.
    --The Head and the Heart was pretty good the first time I saw them but I wasn't really into their music then. Now I am a big fan. Hope they bring it this year.
    --Zedd started out great a few years ago at Coachella then ended pretty anticlimactically. One talented dude though. I'm sure this year will be a good year for him.

    This lineup is probably the best yet that I will have experienced in what will now be five years of attendance. Coachella is amazing. Best festival in my opinion. Can't wait to crack a beer in the car camping security lines!

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    The great thing about going Weekend 2 is that I can check in on the webcast Weekend 1 to see what's what,
    because I think this is about the most stacked Coachella yet (my fifteenth).

    Arcade Fire - are incapable of sucking. This will be my sixth time, I would not miss them. A+
    Beck - new album sounds really great though live he can be hit/miss. A
    Bryan Ferry - I've seen him 3x with Roxy Music and once as BF - GREAT tunes to pull from, a must-see, will have a stellar band. A
    Cajmere - only caught him as Green Velvet but he brings the Chicago house party, should be excellent. A
    Courtney Barnett - saw her two weeks ago and she was FANTASTIC and seems lovely. B+
    Dillon Francis - he brings it, missed his stand at the Fonda last year, looking forward to him. B+
    Disclosure - the dance tent went INSANE in dwntwn LA last summer; I would not miss these guys - really really good. A
    Duck Sauce - pretty solid party. C+
    Fatboy Slim - sure hope he brings his big beat sound, he can be hit/miss but I'm hopeful. B
    Girl Talk - this will be my 7th time, I don't care, he is amazingclever from start to finish and the audience will go nutso. A
    Kate Nash - I saw her last time at Coachella and "Foundations" is great; I understand she's punk rock now, I'll bite. C+
    Motorhead - they may have ruined my hearing that time in 1980, I wanna see if they can finish it off this year. A+
    OutKast - saw them open for Lauren Hill around 1999 and they were INCREDIBLE. This is like a dream... A+
    Poolside - really really great daytime disco and they were excellent dwntwn LA last summer. B
    Oueens of the Stone Age - they are incapable of NOT rocking your face off and hey, support your local band. A
    RL Grime - not for me but trap-tastic I guess. D
    Skrilly Vanilly - I love him but there is no way he wins out on any conflict Saturday for me. You should see him if you haven't yet though. A
    Sleigh Bells - this will be my 6th time, Saturday conflict or not. Stupid intense and silly and great. A
    Tiga - it's been a long time, he has some real bangers, but if he's against Darkside or Banks or Warpaint or Temples or Mvula or Foxygen, he's gonna lose. C+
    Zedd - don't care. D

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    I have not seen anyone playing Friday, which is cool.

    Muse - Love em or hate em, they put on a true spectacle. See them if you haven't before. 9/10
    Skrillex - Visually, it's cool. Everything else, yuck. 5/10
    MGMT - Believe everything you've heard, they SUCK live. I've seen them twice, and neither time was remotely interesting. Shame because I really love Oracular and Congratulations on record. No idea why they're on the lineup again. 2/10
    Fatboy Slim - Really fun live. I really wished he played his older stuff when I saw him though. 8/10
    Sleigh Bells - I saw them when they opened for Refused. Very high energy. Alexis is a great front woman. 8/10
    Warpaint - Beautiful sounds. Praying for a sunset set from them. 8/10
    Washed Out - Really surprised how well his music translated live when I saw him. Expect to dance. 8/10
    Ty Segall - Saw him at FYF last year. Good set, but I'm hoping he plays his electric stuff rather than material of off 'Sleeper' at Coachella. 7/10

    Arcade Fire - Do I even need to say anything? Why on Earth would you miss their set? 10/10
    Beck - When I saw him at OSL, he was just kinda there. Still a good time though. 7/10

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Great, now I'm torn between NMH and Arcade Fire...lets just pray to god that they don't conflict

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Quote Originally Posted by brukftw View Post
    Great, now I'm torn between NMH and Arcade Fire...lets just pray to god that they don't conflict
    Can't promise for sure, but...they won't. Would make zero scheduling sense and I can't see either parties agent/reps (the real source behind a lot of the fest's worst conflicts over the years) pushing for a head-to-head conflict either. NHN vs. Motorhead...that's another story and quite possible. We got Grinderman vs. Blur/Stone Roses last year.
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    There's not a lot this year that I've seen before, which is great. Seeing bands I've never seen before is my #1 reason for going to Coachella!


    Neko Case: Amazing. Anyone who misses this set is stupid and PROBABLY a communist. The communism thing is more of an educated guess but the stupid thing is axiomatic. A+


    Muse: Notice how most of the people in this thread who have seen them give them high marks, even if they have to qualify their statements with "I don't really like Muse, but"...? That should say it all, put the puzzle together and see them. A-

    Cage the Elephant: The first time you see them, you're really impressed with their energy. The second time and beyond, the novelty of high energy wears off and you realize that energy is no replacement for musical chops. Not the worst band I've ever seen, but probably the worst I've seen that gets national attenion. D


    Superchunk: Very Important Band in the indie scene so if you haven't seen them you probably should no matter what just so you can talk about indie music without sounding like an uncultured jackass. One of the standout sets that I saw on Saturday at Coachella 09. B+

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    The Replacements -- well I saw Westerberg solo (w/band) a few years ago in a set that was largely Mats songs. It was really fucking great.

    Neko Case -- I've seen her twice before, but it's been a long time (I think the last time was 2000). She has a very strong voice that commands attention.

    Title Fight -- these guys really brought it.

    Dum Dum Girls -- I think I actually like their record better than the one time I saw them live. It wasn't bad, but it didn't knock me out.

    MGMT -- I never liked their records all that much (though "Waiting to Pretend" is a pretty decent pop song), so I wasn't expecting much, so they surprised me in a good way when i saw them.

    The Head and the Heart -- oh god these people are awful. Coldplay-meets-the-Eagles, and stage chatter that just gushes faux sincerity.

    Washed Out -- dull.

    the Dismemberment Plan -- not bad.

    Arcade Fire -- I'm a fan, but the last time I saw them left me disappointed. Saw them twice after Neon Bible, thought both shows were outstanding. Saw them once after the Suburbs, and thought the set was dull, disengaged, like they were just painting by numbers.. and then when Win chastised the audience for not being into it more, well, fuck you Win. I am hoping this year's Coachella set brings out more in them.

    Beck -- he has never, ever disappointed me.

    Frank Turner -- he's pretty good when he's got the electric going with his band. When he straps on the acoustic, though, be ready for some really sentimental pap.

    Superchunk -- yeah these guys are great. I hope they play Slack Motherfucker!

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    OK, I'll play.


    Girl Talk - Puts on a fun show, but as piratepenguin said above, "if you've seen his show once, you've seen all his shows."
    Neko Case - Her voice is sublime. I've seen her 4 times solo, never been disappointed.
    Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - These guys rock the fuck out, don't miss them.


    Muse - I only saw them back in 2007, I knew nothing about their music, but they put on a pretty cool show, lots of cool lighting. I imagine their show has gotten bigger, so if you like big, high-production rock shows, they're worth watching.
    QOTSA - Great live, they rock.
    Pet Shop Boys - These guys put on a flamboyant, fun live show. When I saw them back in 2006 (I think), they played new stuff and most of their classic 80's hits.
    Sleigh Bells - Yea, they're a love/hate band. I really enjoyed their set at Coachella back in 2011 (plus, I think Alexis is hot).
    The Dismemberment Plan - These guys were great at Pitchfork fest a few years ago. If you haven't heard 'Emergency and I', get on it. It's one of my favorite albums of the past 20 years.


    Arcade Fire - Yep, they're fantastic live, it's a big celebration.
    Beck - I've seen him 3 times over the years, last time was in '08 and was a bit disappointing. Go see him anyway.
    Neutral Milk Hotel - The band sounds great, totally worth seeing. It's a big sing-a-long.
    Motorhead - I couldn't hardly understand Lemmy, but these guys kick ass. Don't miss a legendary metal band (hopefully they'll be there).
    Superchunk - They're great live, lots of energy.
    Surfer Blood - They're just OK live, though I only saw them once (back in 2010).
    We're here to play some Mississippi Delta Blues. We're in a horrible depression, and I gotta admit - we're starting to like it.

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts


    Alesso I'm not as into EDM as I used to be, but I thought Alesso 2 years was maybe the best Sahara set of the weekend and will see him again, assuming no massive conflict. 8.5/10
    Arcade Fire I've seen them twice. Its hard to imagine there is a group of more talented musicians in the world than them, and their production was sick both times. 9.5/10
    Calvin Harris You know what to expect. If you like EDM and youre fucked up, you'll have fun. I don't remember anything special about the two sets I've seen. 5/10
    Carnage Most insane set I've seen. Crowd could not have been more raucous (in a good way) and the energy is insane. Probably the only Sahara performer that is a must-see, for me. 9/10
    Classixx I've seen them in smaller settings, but I'm sure they'll be great at whatever stage they and up on. Chill but I'd still expect good energy and quality. 7.5/10
    Dillon Francis Will be a really fun set, but if you don't like this music or you're not a bro, then no need to check him out. 7/10
    Grouplove I caught a couple songs last time they were at Coachella. Wasn't really a fan before, nor was I after. They're OK. 6/10
    Skrillex I've seen him once solo, and once as DogBlood. I am ashamed to admit how much I enjoyed those sets... 8/10

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Beck - Saw him at Outside Lands a few years ago. Effing brilliant, has that ability to play some songs you forgot he even wrote that kick ass. Maybe that is just me that has that issue though.

    HAIM - I had only heard one HAIM song before seeing their set at the Vegas Life is Beautiful Festival in October. Though I later came to love their studio stuff, I think their live sound has more of a rock n roll feel than their studio stuff and it translates extremely well. Their in-between song banter is pretty childish and hilarious and the girls have a lot of sex appeal without resorting to dressing like skanks. They're definitely someone I am looking forward to seeing, being their first trip to the Big Dance.

    The Head and the Heart - Saw them at The Wiltern a few months back. They were pretty good, they just need to get a good stage so they don't get drowned out as some of their songs are a bit quiet. Their rocking stuff will sound awesome there, I imagine.

    The Naked and Famous - Saw them at the Cosmo pool in Vegas last year in between the two Coachella weekends and thought they sounded pretty good. Their new album is deeper than their first in terms of good songs but doesn't have the singalong tracks that their first album did. Doesn't matter, they're playing all of them anyways. Alisa is foxy as hell, but sometimes her vocals sound a bit stuffed up live. I hope they bring a sweet light show with them on stage, sometimes they have one and sometimes they don't.

    Bands I saw while on molly for the first time so therefore it was fucking awesome and I cannot properly rate:

    Capital Cities
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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts


    Zedd- Saw him during the day at Lolla a few years back. Nothing to write home about typical cheese EDM but his production should be great. 4/10

    Girl Talk- You couldn't pay me to see this guy again 0/10

    Chromeo- Love the energy and party this show is. I don't care what anyone says, I had a blast 8/10

    The Glitch Mob- I am just not into the rap mixed into the EDM 2/10


    Muse- I enjoyed their live show. Awesome production, and no matter what anyone says Bellamy is a Wizard. 7/10

    Skrillex- I would rather have my car running with the garage shut. Still a better show than girl talk 2/10

    Foster the People- I don't like their music, but these guys brought it live when I saw them for $5. 6/10

    Kid Cudi- Just not my style 3/10

    Cage the Elephant- I was blasted at this show, but remember having a good time 7/10

    Washed Out- they opened for FOALS a few months ago and I loved their set. I thought they sounded much better live than on record 8/10


    Calvin Harris- Typical top 40 cheeseO 2/10

    Big Gigantic- Love the Sax with the live show. Nothing amazing, but if you have never been I would go 6/10

    Krewella- Kill me 2/10

    Surfer Blood- I though these guys were solid. Not a huge fan of their new work 6/10

    J Roddy Walston- Love these guys, they have a real old school rock feel 8/10

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    Default Re: Rate Those 2014 Artists You've Already Seen As Live Acts

    Ellie Goulding – 5/10 Saw her last Coachella set, my sister was more excited than I was. Like some of her upbeat songs, and her voice is charming live, but nothing outstanding. Not sure if her production has gotten better as she’s gained more experience.

    Chromeo – 6.5/10 I had a lot of fun at their last Coachella set, big ol’ dance party, but their musical stylings have sort of grown weary since then. Their new stuff hasn’t impressed me as being very different from their old jams so not super excited for them this time. Though if I do check them out I am sure it’ll be fun enough.

    Haim – 6.5/10 Saw them open for another band a while back. Had no idea who they were at that time, but was won over by their shamelessly 80’s sounding songs. They were fun and fairly tight live. Like the album and a handful of the songs so will be nice to see them again and sing along this time.

    AFI – 7/10 Just saw them for the first time at the end of last year after being a casual fan for years. Was surprised at how much I liked the set and how well some of the older stuff held up. A couple of really catchy songs on their newest record helped reel me back in too.

    Grouplove – 7/10 Saw them w1 in 2012, aka Coldchella. It was dark and windy mid afternoon, yet sunny and fun in that tent. Everyone, the band especially were jumping and singing and clapping, and I was sucked in. Happy set. I only wished it had been a warmer day as their music definitely lends itself well to a very sunny summer vibe. Hopefully they get that this time.

    Duke Dumont – 7/10 Caught his set at Hard Summer this past year. Solid.

    Waxahatchee – 6/10 Saw her at Pitchfork this past summer. I really like the record although live I wasn’t quite as impressed. Passable mid-day set.

    Tom Odell – 8.5/10 Loved his record. Saw him at the Hotel Café last summer, his voice was great live and the songs have a lot of power live. I expect some epic piano rocking to be coming from which ever stage/tent the put him on.

    Muse – 8.5/10 back in the day, haven’t seen them since the forum in 2007. Great set, epic guitars and stage presence. Have gone off their music quite a bit in the past few years though so I am unsure of how I would rate them nowadays. We shall see I suppose.

    MGMT – 6/10 Saw them at FYF 13. Passable set, trippy visuals, a couple of decent crowd sing alongs, but overall nothing outstanding.

    Empire of the Sun – 8/10 Saw their last Coachella set and their set at Hard Summer last year. Dance party, crazy visuals, freaking fun.

    The Head and The Heart – 5/10 Saw them at Coachella 2012. Like their music though there isn’t anything too memorable about it, same thing with their live performance, enjoyable but forgettable.

    Sleigh Bells – 5/10 Saw them at FYF 2012. LOUD. GUITARS. FEEDBACK. SHORT SHORTS AND LEATHER. I like the records but was ultimately a little bored with the live performance.

    CHVRCHES – 7/10 Saw their set at the troubadour last summer. Lots of catchy songs on the album, they all sounded great live, though I hope they’ve come a bit further with their production/stage presence. Love Lauren’s voice.

    Mogwai – 9/10 Saw them last at the Fonda in 2012, was washed away in an epic sea of sound.

    Warpaint – 7.5/10 Have seen them multiple times, always solid live performances though I never quite get that into their stuff on record.

    Solange – 8/10 She was great at Pitchfork this summer and the crowd was really into her. She didn’t go over as well at FYF. But I’m a fan.

    Foxygen – 7/10 They were great at Pitchfork 13. Fun & Funky set. The frontman is a little crazy.

    Laura Mvula – 8/10 Saw her open for Iron & Wine back in October. Her voice is other wordly and something in her countenance just makes you want to smile. Definitely check her out.

    Blood Orange – 8/10 Had no idea who he was going into Pitchfork 13. I was in the food court and was wooed over to the Blue stage by his sexy voice and some swoony guitars. Good stuff. Can’t wait to see him again now knowing more of his music.

    Arcade Fire – 10/10 Have seen them multiple times, Coachella sets included. Always Amazing. Can’t wait to see what they bring out to the polo fields this year.

    Disclosure – 9/10 W1 last year was pretty epic. Love the album. And the set was a dance party for real. The were also very good at Hard Summer.

    Duck Sauce – 7/10 Their set at Hard Summer 13 was solid, very fun.

    Little Dragon – 9/10 Haven’t seen them since they played the Avalon in 2011. So good live. A sexy dance party for sure.

    Rudimental 8/10 Loved their set at Hard Summer 13. Though some of the crowd seemed a little meh about it. I really like their sound though and the female vocalists are amazing. Can’t wait to see them again.

    STRFKR 7/10 Great set at FYF 13. Fun, worth checking out.

    Daughter 9/10 Have seen them a few times now. Her voice is astounding and they sound gorgeously delicate and moody live.

    Poolside 8/10 Have seen a few times as well, light jammy dance party.

    Classixx 7/10 Only caught the last half of their set at FYF 13, but was pleasantly surprised. Sounded great and the crowd was into it.
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