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Thread: Ride needed from San Francisco!!!!

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    Default Ride needed from San Francisco!!!!

    My friend and I are in need of a ride from the bay area to Indio. If anyone is leaving Thursday afternoon/evening and coming back Sunday night PLEASE let me know! We will contribute to gas and will generously supply snacks!

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    I'm leaving sf early Thursday. I'm trying to get there by noon so I can get a good camping spot.

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    Are you driving back to SF on Monday? Do have room for an additional person on Monday?

    Thank you!

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    Hey, I'm thinking about leaving Thursday night and returning Sunday night/Monday morning after Arcade Fire finishes. I have work Monday morning in Mountain View and would like to make it back before then. Also, I live in Oakland. Let me know what you think.

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    Weekend 1. Yes, my friend also wants to carpool-chella from Davis to LA. Or maybe straight to Coachella / Indo condo. She prefers to leave Davis Thursday 5-6pm and head to LA (PASADENA). Then jump in our car and head there. And go back to Davis Monday, leave Coachella or Pasadena around 5-6pm drive back up. She has Thursday class till 4:30pm. But flexible Monday because missing class anyways.

    Please email me at if this is something that may work. Subject: CarpoolChella Davis.

    Thanks, Happy Coachella !!!!

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