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Thread: First time going to Coachella !

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    Question First time going to Coachella !

    Hi everyone, quick questions here, my friends and I are going to Coachella Weekend 1 this year, we've got VIP pass and VIP parking. Everything's gonna be sent out in the mail soon enough I hope !
    So car's booked, hotel's booked, we're ready to go so here's the questions :

    1. Where's gonna be VIP parking ? Am I gonna get a thing for the VIP parking in the mail too ? And will there be indication of where to go park the car (we're renting a car since we're flying in from Canada and I never drove in the USA and I'm kind of nervous about all this ! Is the car safe in the VIP parking ? )
    2. Is there a special line up for VIP pass holders or ?
    3. I'm so lost already, never been to a big event like this before so I'm super nervous !

    Please help .

    Thank you !

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    Default Re: First time going to Coachella !

    Yes, you get a pass for your VIP parking.
    No, there's no "special lineup"... For anyone.
    And there will be a map posted on the Coachella site closer to the festival.
    You'll manage, I promise.
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    Default Re: First time going to Coachella !

    I think Mariika is asking if there's a special line for VIP holders to enter through, not a special, secret line-up of artists.

    Not only will a map be posted on the Coachella site, when you get your ticket in the mail it will include a map of the camping and parking lots.

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    Default Re: First time going to Coachella !

    If it's like last year you'll have a VIP parking sticker for your window and be waved into the lot. We didn't have any issues with our cars in the lot. It's a quick walk to security then into the VIP area. Really easy process. PM me if you want other information.

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    Default Re: First time going to Coachella !

    Thank you guys

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