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Thread: San Diego to Coachella week 1

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    Talking San Diego to Coachella week 1

    Hi everyone,

    That's my first coachella experience and I'm a little bit stressed by the organization of my trip.
    I'm flying from Montreal to San Diego by Thursday. I will be at the airport arround 8pm.

    Who wants to share a lift with me ?

    I can have a ticket for parking spot at coachella if we need, you can contact me on facebook if you prefer

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    Hi Shopie
    my name is JC an im flying from Mexico City, this would be my second time in Coachella and Im trying to get somebody to share a rental car or ride.
    I already have other guy wiling to share the expenses if we rent a car.

    Let me know if you are interested.

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    Hey guys, I live in San Diego and will be driving up Thursday night. I have my own ticket and car camping pass, I just don't have anyone to drive up with, my brother bailed, so I'm either driving up solo or picking up some hitchhikers along the way. If you guys are still looking and want to get the logistics down hit me up. This is my 6th Coachella, and I can't wait. Thanks.

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    Hey guys thank you all for your nice answers. I was to scared about this trip so I decided to take more vacation in order to do the all trip with my friends. I hope you will find amazing people to drive with you. Have a nice day !

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