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Thread: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

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    Default I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    FOR SALE: travel package Week end 1 Travel Package La Quinta Resort with 2 VIP GA tickets. Included in price shuttle transfer and 3 nights at the Quinta Resort
    Original price 3874$
    I can transfer the name easily through the agency where I bought the tickets and you pick everything up at the hotel upon arrival.
    Please let me know if you're interested.

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    All yous have to does is send the monies western union urgently to Sir William Churches of England...FUCK OFF Jango with your bullshit scam

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    And kudos to the extremely large font. Hook, line, and sinker.

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    Make checks payable to cash.

    April 30 - Sleep, Sunn O))), Boris
    May 1 - Sleep
    May 13 - The Cure
    May 16 - Four Tet/Ben UFO
    May 19 - Grimes
    May 29 - Tyler, the Creator
    June 1 - Max Cooper
    June 2 - Taake
    June 3 - Sumac
    June 5 - Refused
    June 30 - The Stone Roses
    July 19 - Dragged Into Sunlight
    July 29 - Inter Arma
    August 12-14 - Migration Fest
    August 26-28 - Psycho LV
    September 12 - Kraftwerk
    September 20 - Wolves In The Throne Room

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    Default Re: I PAID 3875 USD I SELL FOR 3300 USD

    And don't ask questions.
    Quote Originally Posted by alpha_q_up View Post
    a cunt punt is always the best solution to cure someone of their bitchassness
    Quote Originally Posted by captncrzy View Post
    You can't go in until late on the first day because you can't hang?
    You giant pussy.

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