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Thread: Bring John Evans to Coachella!

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    Default Bring John Evans to Coachella!

    John Evans has spent years travelling the American Interior in search of a legendary tribe of Welsh speaking Native Americans. He's travelled hundreds of miles up the Missouri, traversed alligator infested swamps, been imprisoned accused of being a spy, all to no avail.

    Its time he came to the American Exterior! He won't find Welsh speakers here either, but our headdress wearing phonies might keep him occupied for a little while.

    John Evans Coachella 2015!

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    Default Re: Bring John Evans to Coachella!

    3/18-19: Starry Nites Festival @ Live Oak
    3/25: Peggy Gou, Aaron Clark, Mike Gushanksy @ Audio
    3/27: Strand of Oaks @ The Independent
    3/31: Max Cooper @ PW
    3/31: Shifted @ f8
    4/5: Tin Man @ f8
    4/7: Cosmin TRG @f8
    4/8: Anthony Naples, Solar @ Monarch
    4/12: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard @ The Fillmore

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