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Serious question, why the fuck are the reissuing Be Here Now? The first two albums I definitely understand, but I can't imagine anyone asking for Be Here Now to be reissued.
Hahaha I was wondering the same thing!

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The night they played Coachella in 2002 was the night I started disliking them. The same thing happened with RHCP the following year. It was such a dull, disappointing performance and it left a bad taste in my mouth. So much to the point where it's tough for me to get into any of their music. We saw BT's awful DJ set and left that in five minutes. We left Oasis after about 20-25 minutes. Probably the worst ending to any Coachella ever.
Interesting that you felt that way, I felt totally the opposite. However, I was 16 and it was my very first Coachella which, as all vets know, can never be topped. I often wonder if it would have meant as much to me if I was older. Still, the performance will live on as a good one in my memory.