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Thread: I have one seat in my car

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    Default I have one seat in my car

    Hi my names joanna 23 this is my second time at coachella , I live in fresno 420 friendly
    I have 1 seat available in my car willing too share my camping spot as well
    I have a friend leaving from sf and then meeting up with me in fresno as well

    I'm just looking for a down too earth 420 friendly and is looking too have fun

    If you're looking for a ride or just a camping spot message me (:

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    Default Re: I have one seat in my car

    Hey! I'm coming from UK alone and am currently homeless for coachella weekend 1 😁 if anyone has room in their car i would love to hitch a ride traveling from LA

    Also I was wondering if anyone here had room in their tent for a friendly Brit travelling for an adventure 😛 also

    I'll happily split the costs and bring booze!

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    Default Re: I have one seat in my car

    iow: I'll give you a ride if you give me weed.

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    Default Re: I have one seat in my car

    Does your friend from SF have room in their car and is willing to swing by San Jose and pick me up?! I'm in desperate need of a ride! Can pitch in gas and snacks and stuff. I'm Cristian by the way. Third time at coachella

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