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Thread: San Diego Driver & Motel Offer: 3-4 seats available Weekend 1 & 2

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    Default San Diego Driver & Motel Offer: 3-4 seats available Weekend 1 & 2

    UPDATE: WK1 Carpool is full / One queen bed available. WK2 Carpool is full / 1 Full bed available.

    My name is John and will be driving to Coachella. This is my second year going and had an awesome time last year.

    The Ride Offer:
    I live in Escondido and wouldn't mind some passengers with gas donations. If you can get yourself to Escondido, then I would only charge you $20 ($10 each way). If you need me to pick you up, it would be $25, round trip.

    I drive a 2010 Tundra Crewmax (the big four door) with leather interior and reclining rear seats. It has a tonneau cover (cap) on the bed with locks on both sides, so plenty of secured luggage space. Flip down screen in the back if you want to watch a movie on the way there.

    I will be departing Thursday evening on both weekends and returning Monday morning. I work until about 5 (usually 3 if it's slow) and we will set up a time that everyone can agree upon to hit the road.

    The Motel Offer:
    I also have booked both weekends at the Motel 6 in Indio, which is a little less than 4 miles (8 mins) from Coachella. As of this moment, I'll most likely be attending Coachella by myself and I'm considering sharing the room. The only downside to my reservation was that I didn't add Thursday until recently. With that in mind, the first night on both weekends there will be two beds available, but only a single the following nights. I also looked at the pictures from their website, and I'm almost certain I can put another full/queen air mattress, as the single bed is place near the side wall. I'll try to schmooze the receptionist for double beds upon arrival You can share the bed(s) or roshambo however you like and I will take the floor so that is not awkward in any way (I was raised right by my momma, lol). Plus we would mostly be there just to recover and sleep from the previous night. I will be driving myself to and from the event, so a designated driver is included at no charge.

    The price I was charged for the motel was roughly $350. If we have four people, we are looking at $90 each for the weekend. 3 puts us at about $116. If by chance there is 5 of us, then it'll be only 70ea.

    I will bring a couple of air mattresses (a full/queen and a twin) as well to help make the stay a little more comfortable

    You can reach me here, by email at or Please PM me here if you send me a message via facebook so that I know to check in "other messages". Thanks!
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    Default Re: San Diego Driver & Motel Offer: 3-4 seats available Weekend 1 & 2

    Yeah, I'm totally down brother. Say what's up and we'll figure it all out.

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