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Thread: Global Inheritance Trashed 2014

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    Default Global Inheritance Trashed 2014

    Has anyone else entered this contest? Anyone won? I'm partial to mine but there's a great Daft Punk head in here. Honestly I don't remember seeing any of these around the site but they must have been there... 7.jpg

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    I did the Global Inheritance thing and got to play their Energy Factory Stage (between the Mojave and Sahara) back in 2011.

    Some of the original recycle bins are pretty cool. I don't think it's too hard to win as I've had a few friends that won in the past couple years.
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    Well I keep designing the frigging things. 810_5304434143b9b-TROISETRASHED2014ENTRY2.jpg and

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    Default Re: Global Inheritance Trashed 2014

    Elephant or Rubik's Cube?


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    Default Re: Global Inheritance Trashed 2014

    Hunter S. Thompson.

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    Yeah, I know. Didn't he do this right before he shot himself? It's funny what you find when you Google trash art. garbage painted to look human monsters faces francisco de pajaro london banksy brick lane 13.jpg

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    Default Re: Global Inheritance Trashed 2014

    I'm hoping to gain some insight. I'm looking to propose a similar TRASHED campaign for a local festival in St. Louis. I plan on meeting with festival management next week to discus my proposal. Can anyone who's actually had their trashcan accepted private message me? I am in the process of reaching out to Global Inheritance, but wanted some artist insight too if possible. I'm looking to obtain additional insight on the logistics from an artist standpoint. Did you have to pick up the trash can, or was it dropped off (same with pickup, when completed)? How much time were you given to create your art piece? What level of detail did you need to share before your art piece was accepted? Was it simply a drawing or did you have to provide in depth detail on how you'd replicate your TRASHED concept? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

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