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Thread: Coachella to Vegas

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    Default Coachella to Vegas

    Anyone with room for a passenger? I'm happy to pitch in for gas.

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    Default Re: Coachella to Vegas

    Hey! We're driving from vegas to coachella either wed or thurs for weekend one. We have extra room.

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    Default Re: Coachella to Vegas

    i think naustas is in need of a ride back to vegas. M I RITE?

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    Default Re: Coachella to Vegas

    Hey Naustas,
    I'm leaving Thurs afternoon to Coachella and returning sometime on Monday if you'd like to ride with me. I don't have anyone riding with me at the moment and also don't actually have a car camping you'd unfortunately need a plan on where to crash:\

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    Default Re: Coachella to Vegas

    Weekend 1, or 2?

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