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Thread: Final Lineup?

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    Default Final Lineup?

    Is this the final lineup or will there be more added soon? Maybe more rap artists? Also are go-pros allowed?

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    Maybe. No. Yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kat_meow View Post
    Is this the final lineup or will there be more added soon? Maybe more rap artists? Also are go-pros allowed?
    Yes they should add Riff Raff amirite?
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    Riff Raff is the cat's pajamas bro!!
    you are soooooooo good lookin

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    I liked Riff Raff better when he was called K-Fed
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    I watched part of Riff Raff's set at Jubilee last year and it wasn't nearly as funny as I wanted it to be. Kind of depressing and boring.
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