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    has anyone ever not gotten their pass thru stubhub?
    is this pretty much a guarantee?

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    They will reimburse you if it's a fake.. but I wouldn't be completely sure about Coachella, since they say not to buy from anyone but them, they might be able to weasel their way out've it. But, they gave me 2nd row at the Hollywood Bowl when my $60 tix for SOAD were bad last summer.

    30 minute phone call, ended 5 minutes before the show, scanned the new ones off've my phone. Worked out beautifully.

    Fucking "Richard Archebeque", if you're even a real person, rot in hell. I win.

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    when did out've become an acceptable abbreviation for out of?

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    Richard Archebeque is in prison for murder. He was caught 30 years after the crime because of DNA and I think was sentenced in 2009. You may get your wish about him rotting in hell.

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