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Thread: Fair & Balanced... 11 bands better than The Beatles?

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    Cool Fair & Balanced... 11 bands better than The Beatles?

    11 bands better than The Beatles?

    By Mike Mettler/ Published February 07, 2014/

    1 Led Zeppelin

    2 The Rolling Stones

    3 The Velvet Underground

    4 U2

    5 Radiohead

    6 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

    7 Rush

    8 The Band

    9 The Clash

    10 Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

    11 The Replacements
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    Default Re: Fair & Balanced... 11 bands better than The Beatles?

    Even if you're a huge fan, there's no way you can argue that the Stones, U2, Petty, Rush, The Band, The Clash, The Replacements or Springsteen had as solid a track record of the Beatles. Sure, they may have reached higher highs (I wouldn't agree with that assessment necessarily, but that's an argument that could easily be made) but they all hit lower lows. I'd say Zep and Radiohead probably belong in that same category, but their lows weren't/aren't as low as Cut the Crap or 2000s-on U2. So that leaves the Velvet Underground, and I would argue they were a better band than the Beatles.
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