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    lookin forward to these guys

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    One thing I do need to get off my chest

    Apologies to Freddy Prinze Jr for Cursing him out in 2012 when all that chaos unfolded.. I was a total prick to you and I was wrong

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    Sounds like a shitty Thursday / senses fail / taking back Sunday .awful .
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    I also hear a ripoff from we were meant for so much more - switchfoot.
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    Guitar bends were not invented by Switchfoot you fucking putz.

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    Title fight to antiflag to afi to close the vans tent Friday ?
    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    Title Fight were quite outstanding at FFF. I am looking forward to their Coachella set.

    Who the fuck is Switchfoot?

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    Holy shit good call that guy is to taking back Sunday what owl city is to death cab. Regarding Anthony green . Other guy deleted post , this was in context haha. Vans Friday everyone !!!
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    Spicy pie is mainstream shit.

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    I can't believe this band is playing coachella. I remember seeing them in a basement in boston.

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    full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.

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    Haters. These guys fucking rock. I would be totally fine with 1pm mainstage for the real fans. Separate them as much as possible from whoever wants to see AFI and Anti Flag.

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    Also looking forward to this set. Guessing an early set, so no conflicts.
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    After Carbon Airways, Title Fight is the best new find on the lineup so far.
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