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Thread: (LA) The Do LaB presents Blockhead and Thriftworks - 2/20/2014

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    Default (LA) The Do LaB presents Blockhead and Thriftworks - 2/20/2014

    Join us on February 20th as we welcome Blockhead and Thriftworks to King King in Hollywood. Pre-sale tickets are now on sale for $15 and then $20 pre-sale and at the door.

    Get tickets:
    Preview the music:

    -- About the Artists --


    Tony Simon, a/k/a Blockhead, has been making and releasing utterly distinctive, funky and emotive music for 15 years. Blockhead grew up in downtown New York City. As the son of an artist, surrounded by visual culture, he early on found that his passion was for music, for the sonic. A fan of a whole range of sounds, especially hip-hop, Blockhead steadily built a tremendous collection of tapes and later CDs from innumerable artists, a quiet accumulation of knowledge and know-how. After a brief stint as a rapper, he realized his calling was behind the boards and not on the mic – and from there he began to produce beats. Since making that decision, he's kept pretty busy: carving a niche as a quality underground beatmaker that people call when they want something special. No longer content with being behind the boards, Blockhead has emerged as a real touring force with his new live show that keeps audiences nodding along and wanting more!


    Berkeley, California based producer Thriftworks offers his own uniquely original take on forward thinking electronic music, weaving eclectic samples and explosive modern bass that is continually pushing boundaries and taking the art of beat-crafting to new heights. Garnering much praise from fans and critics alike with his steady stream of new material, Thriftworks is quickly becoming known as one of the finest up and coming experimental producers with his outside the box sound and unclassifiable style. Thriftworks’ use of deep low-end and wall to wall synths seem to channel something ancient and mysterious, offering up an intoxicating musical high with an invigorating breath of fresh air. These sounds activate the senses, enrapture the mind, move the body and leave audiences begging for more.

    -- The Details --

    February 20th 2014

    King King
    6555 Hollywood Blvd.,
    Los Angeles 90028
    *entrance is through the parking lot in the back

    This event is 21+

    $15 limited pre-sale
    $20 final pre-sale and door price

    Get tickets:
    Preview the music:

    We'll see you on the dance floor soon LOS ANGELES!
    ..:: ~The Do LaB ~ ::..
    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ Thank you for making Lightning in a Bottle 2013 our greatest adventure yet! ~ ::..

    ..:: ~ ~ ::..

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    Default Re: (LA) The Do LaB presents Blockhead and Thriftworks - 2/20/2014

    Thanks for staying true to your word and coming back to Cali, Blockhead. I know you were just stuck in traffic at LiB, and whomever was running sound that afternoon was just wayyy too high, so a make-up performance is most welcome.
    LOL! <33
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