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Thread: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

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    Default Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    I have been to multiple Coachella's but I don't end up reaching the camp grounds till about mid day Wednesday (4:00 PM) to late Wednesday (9:00 PM). I have never gone really early when the camp grounds open (9:00 AM). Has anyone been this early and what has your experience been like? Is it really busy? How long does it take to get in? When you get into camping do they put you in front of the festival entrance? My goal is to get as close to the festival entrance as possible. Any suggestions? answers?


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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    I'd start by not arriving at 9AM on Wednesday
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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    9am is decent...then you have the sun all day. You will obviously get in earlier, but the location of camping could change year to year? Might be a good idea to setup camp, then find a ride into town for the afternoon to escape heat. Might be last chance to grab a decent meal at a decent price too. Casinos have good AC
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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    For starters it opens on Thursday, not Wednesday. If you get there early it's still a crap shoot on getting in quickly and close to the entrance. You could be there super early but at the back of one of the lines, whereas someone who got there an hour later than you gets put to the front of a newly formed line. Of the three years I've been there early, I've still only been a 5 minute walk from the entrance.

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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    I prefer getting there early, just cuz I actually like hanging out all day. but your camping spot all depends on where they put you. One year I went straight to lot 8, the other years right in the main site by the entrance. It's all up to you, and you're gonna wait, so no problem.

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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    if you get there too early security will tell you to leave or they will tow your car
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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    My buddy and I were the first people in line on thursday morning at 5:45/6:00. They said they weren't sure if they could let us in to lineup yet so they made us wait towards the back of the searching line field. We accidentally brought a growler full of beer and decided to share it with the folks behind us and some Canadians. We ended up camping with them about 30 feet from the entrance. Being that we got there early, we were able to set up and get really plastered and make friends with all the neighbors. getting there early on thursday is basically a whole extra day of partying.

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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    We got in line about 9:00 or 9:30 last year and what a cluster fuck that was. Security only had half of the check points open and we waited for a solid hour or more way in the back of a line that wasn't moving at all. We ended up (all 4 cars we had) backing out of that line and hopping into a new one that opened and moved through OK after that. It still took us more than 2 hours total though.

    2012 - We got there about the same time and we all got in within 45 min or so. Well organized and lines were moving.

    We got great spots both times though
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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    Question to those of you that arrived early (Thursday AM); were any of you in large groups (4 or more cars) and if so did they send you any where different than the main lot. We got there at 4pm last year with a large group and they stuck us in that horse shit lot in the very back. Hoping to avoid that by arriving early.

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    Default Re: Heading Early 9:00AM to Coachella 2014 question?

    We always have several cars… we don't leave LA later than 5:00am.
    And we normally get placed between 103 & 108 (very close to the entrance).
    You will have to wait in line for a longer time (obviously), if that's worth it to you.
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