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    Default Water Bottles

    Anyone know if we are allowed to bring one sealed water bottle again this year?

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    No, and since when have you ever been allowed to? Only in 1999 if I recall. FAQ is your friend.

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    Hm since this thread already exists and I don't see it in the FAQ:

    I know camelbacks aren't allowed, but am I allowed to bring in an empty nalgene and fill it at the water fountain? Or do I have to buy the first bottle and then refill it all day.

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    The no water rule is such shit. Money grubbing fucks. With everything else you'll be paying for, you'd think they'd allow a single (1) bottle of water. Simply on principle I'm going to try to do without buying any of the overpriced food inside. This is my first time going, so I could be surprised, but I think not allowing water is a bit ridiculous and hardly justifiable.

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    It's $2 a bottle. It probably costs at least that much to have someone come and clean them up.

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