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Thread: where the hell am i going to stay

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    Question searching for a camping pass

    Hey everyone. Its my first time going to Coachella, i didn t realize how important the camping pass was until now. I m not sure where I m going to stay. I m looking for a group to join up with or at least another nomad to team up with.

    My name is Chris i m a 25 year old male, live in Los Angeles California
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    We rented a house for 10 people for the first weekend of coachella on air bnb. Unfortunately, 5 of the ten people can't make it to the festival anymore and we are looking to fill the rest of the spots. The house is about 2.7 miles from the festival and has a pool and bbq area. It will be 130 per night (which is incredibly cheap given how nice the house is and how close it is) and we are planning on staying fri-mon but might be longer. The 5 people staying in the house are a mix 4 guys and one girl in their mid to late 20s. Please let me know if you would like more info about the house or any interest in sharing

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    Hey Chris,

    Were going weekend 2 and are leaving LA Thursday the 17th and have rented out a condo in PS with a pool. May have room for you. Let me know


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    Three couples in the three rooms and couches and air mattresses for the remaining four. It's a pretty large house

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    We have a sofa you could claim for a small fee. PM me.

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