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    Cool Local Accommodation Available

    Whats going on guys,
    I live here in Indio no more than a mile away from the polo fields. I'm 22 live and always host people every year for the Coachellafest, we offer a cool place to sleep, bathroom/shower, wifi, food, etc. We usually host no more than 4 people. I'm going on weekend 2 but Im willing to host anyone for week 1 or 2. I also have my own personal shuttle (my car/parents lol). I know how expensive camping and other hotels can get so we only charge 100$ per person for all three days and 2 nights (or 3 nights if need be). Just let me know cuz I'm also looking for a group to roll with because I'm riding solo to coachellafest.
    PM me if interested for more info
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    Hey there! I just sent you a pm.

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    Hey there,

    Looks like your PMs are full! Just wondering if you might still have room for my me and my wife Our accommodations fell through and now we're scrambling to find something hah, price sounds fair, let me know if we can make it work, thanks!

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    Hi! I came here after seeing your other post!
    Quote Originally Posted by Edward Rodriguez View Post
    Hey guys if you need a place to crash check my post out, I've already got some people with me but I still got sleeping room, it ain't no room but it includes all things I said. If the price is to high we can negotiate. I'm just trying to get a big group together to have more fun during and after the concert days. Let me know.
    I am interested! I tried to PM you but your inbox is full
    anyway, im going to weekend 2 and could really use a place to stay. Please let me know if its still available. thank you so much!

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    Good deal

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