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Thread: Finding Coachella House / Condo Question

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    Default Finding Coachella House / Condo Question

    I'm curious what the best way to find a place to stay is and whether our budget is really reasonable. We are a group of approximately 6-8 who are looking for a place to stay for around $500 a night during Weekend 1 of Coachella. Obviously, the closer to the festival the better. Is this a reasonable amount to find a house or condo the area? What would be the best way to find a place? Thanks!

    Also -- I realize that it's very late. I don't need to be reminded Our previous lodging fell through.
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    We have one room with queen bed and an air mattress for rent, house has a pool/hot tub and is about 10-15 min drive to venue with traffic. You would have your own bathroom between the 4 of you. The price is $300 a person for Thursday-Monday. We are a group from all over the US, including Texas and NewYork. This will be our 7th time to go and some of our group has been 8-9 times. If you have interest please send me a private message.

    The house has 6 guest in 3 rooms as of now. The one extra room will go to the next 2 confirmed. Payment is Due before Feb 1st.

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