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Thread: Seriously? No Cut Copy? Why why why

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    Unhappy Seriously? No Cut Copy? Why why why

    I think the lineup is great, but really, REALLY digging the new Cut Copy album (as well as their old stuff). They have a new album, new tour, weren't at the fest last year, in high demand....seems like a shoe-in. I guess not from what other people are saying the lineup is missing also. Anyways, mostly just venting

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    Default Re: Seriously? No Cut Copy? Why why why

    They announced their tour awhile ago and there was an LA date on April 1st. It should not have been a surprise that they were not playing.
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    Default Re: Seriously? No Cut Copy? Why why why

    See STRFKR, Jagwar Ma, Aeroplane, Austra, Caravan Palace, Holy Ghost!, MS MR and whoever else.... instead.
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    Default Re: Seriously? No Cut Copy? Why why why

    Cut Copy in the place of, say, Ellie Goulding or Duck Sauce would have been nice to see. One of the theoretically very available bands this year that I would have loved to see on the lineup.

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