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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    You guys are just getting me more excited. I'm gunna have so much room to dance :-D

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    "We have put on our glitter, we are ready to sparkle. This is special, if we were birds, (maybe we are) our feathers would shine (they do). We are building a place, a scene, a moment. But the blocks aren’t set, the pieces move. We slipper and slide around it, under it, above. Shaking our habitat."

    It figures you unsophisticated buffoons don't get it. It's fucking special.

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    Quote Originally Posted by menikmati View Post
    I'm hoping that when GV booked them, they said if you pull that shit in the above video, you aren't getting paid.
    Well, at least the ridiculous opening aerobics thing will almost certainly not be included, right? But I would expect the rest to be more or less the same, which is unfortunate. As much as I love their recorded material and the shows on their previous tour looked pretty damn cool, and Fever Ray was amazing live, what I've seen of this Shaking the Habitual show does nothing for me and will be basically a huge disaster at Coachella. On the other hand, it could be amusing to watch the reaction of the people just there to get a good spot for OutKast.
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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    By far my best act of the day Friday Weekend 2. Mind blowing, jaw dropping fun!
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    You shouldn't feel uncool for not going to EDC, you should feel uncool because you are uncool.

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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    Agreed! Even better then last week. Weekend 2 ftw!

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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    After /\ that and hearing that Outkast played Intl Players Anthem I am also on the Weekend 2 FTW!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ray del Mundo View Post
    watch the reaction of the people just there to get a good spot for OutKast.
    If only that happened.
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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    They were incredible. Tribal dance party before Outkast.

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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    Yep. This was so much fun last night. Great lead in to Outkast

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    Default Re: THE KNIFE

    one of my favorite sets of the weekend. Nice and weird.
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    Reviewers who note the size of the crowd are dumb fucks.
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    So i gave em a try. They were amazing the first three songs where they actually played their instruments. If they would've stuck to that then it probably would've been my favorite set the whole 2weekend. But they started the choreographed dancing to just a soundtrack. Just couldn't get into it. Hard to watch, so we left. Outkast was just so much better

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