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Thread: East/West Classic 2017

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    Cool East/West Classic 2017

    Confirmed. Tickets will be starting at $150/each.
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    Default Re: East/West Classic 2017

    So this is the Oldchella Donald Fagen was talking about?

    The hype video is fucking awful as well:

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    Default Re: East/West Classic 2017

    Is Journey still touring with a former tribute act singer handling the vocals? And the Doobies don't have Michael McDonald, right? Seems a little weird to mix legit classic acts like the Eagles and Fleetwood Mac with sorta classic acts.

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    Man, what a hilarious video. In its own way, perfect for this kind of thing. Guess we can count Steely Dan out for DT2 now too (if that happens).

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    Eagles aren't even a legit classic act anymore without Frey. It was just a year ago that Henley said the Eagles are done playing, and yet here he is. Fuck em.

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    This is pathetic compared to Desert Trip. And probably pathetic in it's own right

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