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Thread: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

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    Default Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    It wasn't a good year for me when it came to seeing newer artists because I spent so much money on these big names. However, feel free to list more if you want.

    1. Depeche Mode @ Staples Center on September 29- Depeche Mode know they are one of the best, and they perform with so much swagger and confidence. First time seeing them, favorite songs were Precious, Walking In My Shoes, Enjoy the Silence
    2. Moby @ The Fonda on October 2 - Innocents part was solid, but then when Moby played the hits, I was blown away by the lighting, energy, and the singers. Bodyrock, In My Heart, and Extreme Ways were some of the best
    3. blink-182 @ The Wiltern on November 12- I mean they played one of my favorite records straight through. I Miss You was on point, Not Now, Go, and M+Ms were some the best.
    4. Nine Inch Nails @ Outside Lands on August 12 - The set was pretty much everything I wanted. Loved the production. Even though I had mono at the time, that 4 mile walk to get there and crappy creme brulee made the experience even more memorable.
    5. Jimmy Eat World @ Hollywood Palladium on September 28 - Free show. Probably one of the best setlists the band could put together. 23, Lucky Denver Mint, The Authority Song all apart of that awesome rock show.
    6. Imagine Dragons - @ The Wiltern on March 20 - Went into that show a causal fan and left with them becoming one of my favorite bands of the year. Demons was a stand out, Round and Round was a killer opener. They really energize the crowd.
    7. James Blake @ Coachella on April 15 - Best set I saw all weekend. To the Last was incredible. Great performer.
    8. New Politics @Santa Barbara Bowl on September 18 - Best opener I've ever seen. Most of you don't like them but I love what they do
    9. Green Day @ Fox Theater Pomona on March 10. Up front in the pit. Wish the sound was better up front, but once I moved back it was much better. Always fun hearing a lot of my favorite songs being performed like Boulevard of Broken Dreams and When I Come Around.
    10. Thirty Seconds to Mars @ Hollywood Bowl on October 12 - This band rounds out my list, though I considered putting the RHCP at 10. They didn't exactly give much love towards their first 2 albums, but the production was some of the best I saw all year. The crowd made it fun and Kings and Queens + Closer to the Edge were the best of that show.

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    I only went to 6 concerts this year (the lowest I've had in a decade by a very considerable amount) but these are my sets of the year:

    1. SubRosa at The Oakland Metro Opera House - The band had their much of their gear stolen earlier in the day. We weren't aware of that at the venue, only that they showed up late and were doubtful to perform. When they started the first song, Rebecca's guitar kept cutting out right as soon as she'd start to kick it up. It was obvious they were all incredibly frustrated. Samothrace, the actual headliner, fixed the guitar issues and the band plowed into the first of three songs. They didn't play nearly long enough, but the stresses of the day definitely led them to play an angry, powerful and fucking LOUD set. I haven't heard a band play as loudly since MBV at the first Kutshers ATP. It was huge, and when they closed with The Usher, my favorite song of the year, I was just bulldozed.

    2. Royal Thunder at the Troubadour - These guys put out an incredible rock album in 2012, kind of a female-fronted Soundgarden with some incredible performances. They were the second of four bands to play on this bill, and the least "metal" of all the acts. The hesher dudes there for Enslaved, the headliner, seemed unimpressed as they started, but a large group of teenage girls ran up to the front of the stage, head banged and sang along with every word that Mlny perfectly expelled across the audience. I would best describe her as Janis Joplin singing for early Led Zeppelin, with all of the high praise that confers. They played the first third of the album that so slayed me, and made it sound even better and more huge live. They were astounding and sounded like they were playing in an arena, and, with any luck, they will be in a few years.

    3. Deerhunter at FYF Fest - Every time I see Deerhunter I'm skeptical that they can best the previous set I'd seen from them, but somehow every time they find a way to do so. This was my tenth time seeing them, and I was just blown away at what a confident and forceful frontman Bradford has become. He leads the band with such fire and spontaneity that the only true reference I can think of is Neil Young with Crazy Horse, a comparison that was especially apt for the mind-melting rendition of Nothing Ever Happened they played that night. Heidi and I kept looking at each other in awe, and afterwards we agreed that it was a truly special set.

    4. Television at the Independent - A band I've loved for so long. Seeing these reunion/nostalgia acts is always a risky endeavor as they can rest too heavily on their laurels and walk through a set without much passion. Television thankfully avoided that completely by remaining true to the exploratory spirit of their music. Tom Verlaine and Jimmy Rip have great chemistry as twin-lead guitar players, and their soloing made every song a journey, and they made tracks I've listened to a hundred times sound new. Billy Ficca's drumming is their secret weapon and watching him play was just mind-blowing. Oh, and the new song? Stacked up with every classic they played, and probably had even more energy. Thank god they're back.

    5. Pallbearer at the Troubadour - The same show as Royal Thunder. These guys play doom metal, a style developed by Black Sabbath but now typified by long songs, slow playing and dirgey sounds. All of that describes Pallbearer, but they imbue their music with a delicacy, intimacy and weight that catapults them well past any other doom (and honestly, most other metal) acts playing right now. They did four of the five songs from their album, Sorrow and Extinction, as well as a new track, and every moment was just gloriously blissful and captivating. The singer truly sings rather than grunts or howls, and his vocals cut through the sludge on stage like a knife. They blew me, and the headliner, away.

    6. FLAG at FYF Fest - C'mon, how could this not be spectacular? 4 former members of Black Flag and the guitarist from The Descendents ripping through early Black Flag material at a breakneck pace while a bunch of kids mosh. It's hard to pick a highlight, but My War was crazy as fuck and Rise Above is a near-perfect song that I never thought I'd see live. It was a true pleasure.

    7. Valdur at Grumpys - The local black metal band in Mammoth, these guys did a summer show in a large tent outside a sports bar with a crowd comprised almost exclusively of locals. I've seen a decent amount of metal bands play and these guys have definitely honed their craft to a fine point. They pummeled the audience for an hour and a half, as a kid in a boot cast moshed and a bunch of high school girls got into a knockdown fist fight in the pit and it poured rain around us. I was highly impressed by their set, especially by the new songs, which are coming out on an album released next week. Check 'em out, killer band.

    8. The Breeders at FYF Fest - I've long enjoyed this band, especially Pod, but when I saw them at Coachella I thought they were very mediocre. That said, I wanted to give them another shot at FYF since Last Splash is a pretty cool album and they were playing it front to back. Turns out it was a great call, as they were on fire and made the album sound better live. Here's hoping Kim and Kelley can keep that energy alive.

    9. Neurosis at the Fonda - I wish I could have seen them when they had the visual set going off, but this show was still a treat. They played a great selection of tracks from throughout their career (Through Silver in Blood!) and were absolutely heavy as fuck. I've listened to them for a long time, but this show really made me a fan.

    10. Samothrace at the Oakland Metro Opera House - Another Doom band, these guys definitely adhere more to the genre's defined sound, with growling vocals and incredibly long tracks. They played three songs at this show and performed over an hour. What made them much better than the average doom band was the sense of experimentation and space: they added lots of psychedelic sound to their playing, and weren't afraid to drop to a lull and build things back again. The lead guitar frequently reminded me of David Gilmour. Good shit, but they had the sorry misfortune of playing prior to a pissed-off SubRosa.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    What better way to procrastinate my 10 page paper top 10 shows of the year! This was my most attended year yet with 36 concerts/festivals. Writeups shall follow when I have more time.

    1. The Rolling Stones - 6/29 - Glastonbury
    2. The Reflektors - 10/18 + 10/19 - 299 Meserole
    3. Paul McCartney - 8/9 - Outside Lands
    4. Modest Mouse - 4/16 - Fox Pomona
    5. Arctic Monkeys - 5/22 - Ventura Theater
    6. Foals - 6/28 - Glastonbury
    7. The Postal Service - 4/13 - Coachella
    8. Sigur Rós - 4/19 - Santa Barbara Bowl
    9. Neutral Milk Hotel - 10/16 - Blue Note
    10. Portishead - 6/28 - Glastonbury

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Here goes

    1. The Eric Andre Show Live at The Chapel - Okay, so I know this isn't a band exactly. But it's quite literally the most fun show I've been to in my entire life. Go see it as soon as fucking possible.

    2. Disclosure at Coachella - Left in near tears.

    3. The Postal Service at Coachella

    4. Bettye LaVette at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival - Man. Those Mushrooms

    5. Steve Martin and the Steep County Rangers at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

    6. Busy P at Hard Summer - He played this Ed Banger Megamix, that obviously didn't show off any real DJ skill, it was such a fun time going through the history of Ed Banger in a super quick, awesomely energetic set

    7. Mr. Oizo at Hard Summer

    8. Jon Wayne at Echo Park Rising

    9. Vampire Weekend at Coachella - So I know I get shit for this, but both times I've seen them at Coachella i've gone reluctantly, and both times I've been blown away. This was time was no different.

    10. One More Time: Daft Punk Tribute at Mezzanine - Again say what you will, but these guys put on a fun show.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Sadly had to cancel plans for Primavera, but I got to see a lot of bands this year at shows all over LA, plus Coachella and NXNE.

    10. Johnny Marr at Apogee Studio - Yeah, he's still got it. Seeing him work his guitar mastery from just a couple feet away was pretty damn amazing, especially at an intimate, invite-only affair with free alcohol.
    9. Chelsea Wolfe at Royce Hall - Gloomy, intense buildups, and equally menacing and enthralling. Was left stunned after this one.
    8. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at Coachella - It seems most of Coachella couldn't be arsed to show up for his set. Fucking plebs. Every moment was perfect, plus he had a children's choir and went to the rail to fuck us hard with "Stagger Lee".
    7. How to Destroy Angels at Fox Theater - Near the top of my list of "Shows I Should Have Been Tripping Balls For". Hopefully there will be another tour, but I doubt it.
    6. Arcade Fire at Capitol Records - Loved the unique setting and atmosphere. Ain't no party like a Reflektors party. They SAVED music™, after all.
    5. Emmy the Great at Fonda Theatre - One of those "we're mostly here for the opener" kind of nights, which I try to avoid because $$, but this was Emmy, so it couldn't be missed. Plus it was her first performance here since March 2008, so extra urgency. The set consisted entirely of new, unreleased songs, and they all sounded fantastic, ranging from catchy, sway along grooves to layered, hypnotic bliss, and it all came to an end that came far too soon, her lyrical prowess left one of my friends in tears. She lives in LA now, so hopefully we'll get a Coachella appearance and a proper headlining show at some point.
    4. Warpaint at El Rey - Was completely mesmerized by both the old and new songs. All exquisite. One of my all-time favorite live moments was "Undertow", thanks to not just the unexpected singalong but the way Stella just kept the song going and going. Even though "Undertow" is one of the best songs of the past several years, the studio version is nothing compared to witnessing it live. Not many bands do grand meltdown finales like Warpaint (see also "Elephants" and "Love Is to Die"). And those harmonies...
    3. Beck's Song Reader at Walt Disney Concert Hall - Beck was in top form and supported by an impressive array of collaborators. Cracked up at Jack Black prancing around pantsless, was wowed by Jarvis Cocker's interpretive dance, and my jaw was left dropped by Merry Clayton's soulful storming of the hall, backed by a gospel choir. Best discovery of the night was Moses Sumney. I really need to check out his own work because his falsetto left us all buzzing with awe.
    2. Bat for Lashes at Coachella - Got heat exhaustion while waiting for this set thanks to the clusterfuck that ensued during 2 Chainz. Sure, I barfed all over the photo pit, but once I heard that voice, it was all worth it.
    1. Janelle Monae at Club Nokia - Insane isn't a hyperbolic term to use when the artist in question is wheeled onto the stage wearing a straight jacket. Or when there's a song that goes on for a half hour because she comes into the crowd to admonish us to hush and crouch lower and impossibly lower. She must really be an android from the future because how can someone move like that (moonwalking, dance fighting, crowd surfing, and James Brown cape moments) and always sound so perfect?
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Moby - 10/4 - Fonda
    2. Nine Inch Nails - 8/10 - Outside Lands
    3. How to Destroy Angels - 4/12 - Coachella
    4. Disclosure - 10/18 - Fonda
    5. Digitalism - 5/17 - Troubadour
    6. TV on the Radio - 8/24 - FYF
    7. STS9 - 3/2 - Palladium
    8. Muse - 1/26 - Staples Center
    9. The Faint - 4/14 - Coachella
    10. James Blake - 10/23 - Hollywood Forever Cemetery
    8/22-23 - FYF Fest - LA Sports Arena
    9/29 - Disclosure - LA Sports Arena
    10/5 - Oh Wonder - Troubadour
    10/10-11 - CRSSD Fest - Waterfront Park
    10/17 - CHVRCHES - Shrine Auditorium
    10/20 - Blur - Hollywood Palladium

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    I think I went to 7 rock concerts this year. Last year I think I copped out and had a 5-entry list for rock concerts and 5-entry list for other musical performances but this year I am going to combine everything. There's three weeks left so this is subject to change, of course.

    10. July 19: Michaels reise un die Erde (Karlheinz Stockhausen). Lincoln Center Festival. At Avery Fisher Hall. Rundel, conductor. With Marco Blaauw.
    9. January 23: Evita (Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice). At the Marquis Theatre. Grandage, director. With Ricky Martin, Michael Cerveris and Christina DeCicco.
    8. August 17: L'Incoronazione di Poppea (Claudio Monteverdi). Dell'arte Opera. At the East Thirteenth Street Theatre. Crutchfield, director. Grossman, ensemble leader. With Greer Davis & Katherine Howell.
    7. October 30: Two Boys (Nico Muhly). Metropolitain Opera. At Met Opera House. Sher, director. Roberston, conductor. With Alice Coote & Paul Appleby.
    6. October 3: Fun Home (Lisa Kron and Jeanine Tesori). At the Public Theater. Gold, director. With Beth Malone, Michael Cerveris, Judy Kuhn and Alexandra Socha.
    5. March 29: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds at the Beacon Theater
    4. June 30: Big Star's Third. Central Park SummerStage. With Mike Mills, Chris Stamey, Ken Stringfellow, Pete Yorn, Marshall Crenshaw and Jonathan Donahue.
    3. May 2: Like Lazarus Did. At the Joyce Theater. Stephen Petronio Dance Company, music by Son Lux and yMusic.
    2. January 27: Maria Stuarda (Gaetano Donizetti). Metropolitan Opera. At Met Opera House. McVicar, director. Benini, conductor. With Joyce DiDonato, Elza van den Heever and Mathew Polenzani.
    1. February 15: Parsifal (Richard Wagner). Metropolitan Opera. At Met Opera House. Girard, director. Gatti, conductor. With Jonas Kaufmann, Rene Pape, Peter Mattei, Katarina Dalayman and Evgeny Nikitin.

    Fun Home was the funniest thing I saw all year; it was also quite touching. The Evita was troublesome but I have been listening to that show since I was 6 and it was a thrill to see. First time seeing Nick Cave play his own music; it was a powerful show even from the mezzanine. Went to to Like Lazarus Did just because Son Lux wrote/was performing the music and was not let down and loved the dance, too. Poppea was by a small opera company with young singers; the score played was a reduction by Grossman performed by the Sebastians and was such a joy to hear. Big Star's Third was just magical, so many great guests, so many great songs and a wonderful summer night full of fireflies. Joyce DiDonato was amazing as Mary, Queen of Scots; the act 2 sextet was simply amazing. I saw this standing room because I hadn't been able to get tickets otherwise. And the Parsifal was stunning and gorgeous and beautiful. Peter Mattei was the standout (I considered dressing as Amfortas for Halloween) though all of the principles were top notch. I loved the music, the singing and the production. Everything you want.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. desaparecidos @ webster hall
    2. kanye west + a tribe called quest @ barclays center / kanye west @ madsion square garden
    3. hot chip @ coachella
    4. sigur ros + tim hecker @ madison square garden
    5. the faint @ coachella
    6. avey tare’s slasher flicks @ glasslands
    7. foals @ terminal 5
    8. flying lotus @ terminal 5
    9. the specials @ pier 26
    10. liars @ metropolitan museum of art

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. NIN @ OSL
    2. Paul McCartney @ OSL
    3. Simian Mobile Disco @ Coachella
    4. Fuck Buttons @ Independent
    5. Godspeed @ GAMH
    6. Zavalaz @ Blank Club
    7. Hot Chip @ Slim's
    8. New Order @ Coachela
    9. Cocorosie @ Regency Ballroom
    10. CSNY @ Bridge School

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Blur - Coachella - Blur had been on my bucket list for a very long time, so I was thrilled when they were on the lineup. I loved the set they did, it was shorter than I would've liked, but they put on a great performance and sounded much better than what was represented on the live stream. I was right up front and from where I was the crowd was wonderful. Not too many people with their phones in the air and a lot of singing along to songs I was surprised an American audience would even know the words to. It was the perfect show to kick off such a wonderful weekend.

    2. Sleep - 35 Denton - I've made it no secret that Sleep are probably my favorite band regardless of genre. There's just something about them live that is mesmerizing. Only complaint with this set was that it was only an hour and fifteen minutes long so some things were obviously left out, but regardless of that they put on a really heavy performance. If you've seen them then you know they are loud and aggressive while at the same time just mesmerizing to listen to and you almost get stuck in a trance when they play. Also, bookending the performance with about 20 minutes of Dopesmoker to start and finish the show was excellent.

    3. Kanye West - AT&T Center - In the past I have not been a big fan of Kanye's music outside of a handful of singles but for whatever reason Yeezus really stuck with me. Maybe it was the aggressiveness of the album and the fact that it didn't sound as over-the-top and over-produced as his previous efforts. For whatever reason it just worked for me. So Seeing him the other night was really something else. His performance was straightforward and relied heavily on newer material. Only one rant before the final act of the show and even then it wasn't too long winded. For the most part he just shut up and played. The place was packed and he seemed to be having a good time which I think contributed greatly to his performance since Kanye's ego can make or break a show. My expectations were guarded going in because of his history and because of all the issues he's had with this tour but they were exceeded further than I could've ever imagined.

    4. Queens of the Stone Age - ACL weekend 1 - I saw QOTSA like 3 times that week but their set at ACL was the best by far. They came out of the gate with Feel Good Hit of the Summer, You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire, and No One Knows. They then played several songs from the new album and a few older ones, but the best part of the night was when they played a 15 minute version of Better Living Through the Chemistry. Josh was on fire for the whole performance and they went over on their time by about 15 minutes thanks to Muse going on late at another stage. In my opinion they're one of the best rock bands out there right now and their live performances have never disappointed.

    5. Deafheaven - Red 7 - Deafheaven had my favorite album of 2013 and I was very excited to see them on their headlining tour this past summer. I didn't get to see them on their Roads To Judah tour so when they announced this tour I knew I had to see them. The tracks off Sunbather are hypnotic live and their lead singer brings an exciting level of intensity and enthusiasm to their performances. Even though the room they were playing to had maybe 200 people in it they brought it like they were in an arena. I really hope this album and all the year end lists helps get them more exposure because they deserve it. They are really powerful live.

    6. Nine Inch Nails - The Joint - I think this was my 6th time seeing NIN but it was my first time seeing them at The Joint in Las Vegas. I really can't praise that venue highly enough. The sound quality there was exceptional. Seeing NIN without the giant screen and all of the added features that he used on the rest of the tour really didn't matter because the sound and the performance were so good. Hesitation Marks is an album that is meant to be heard live. The backup singers for the new songs really gave it some much needed depth and just elevated the performance to make it probably the best I've ever seen them. If you had ay reservations about the new album then I would encourage you to check it out live because it is a completely different beast in a live setting.

    7. Sigur Rós - Verizon Theatre - I saw Sigur Rós six times on this tour and their performance in Dallas was by far the best. The sound in the Verizon Theatre is excellent and since I didn't have an assigned seat I was able to get as close as possible. Anyone that has seen Sigur Rós live knows that they are one of the best live acts around. The band played nearly two hours and the selections from the new album come alive when being performed live. The highlight of this set was seeing the final song, Untitled 8 (Popplagið). The theatre was completely silent just taking in how beautiful this song is until it reaches the climax and just explodes. It's a song that everyone should experience in a live setting at least once in their life. Fantastic show all around, but that ending gave me chills.

    8. My Bloody Valentine - Austin Music Hall - This was my first time seeing My Bloody Valentine and I was very impressed. The band was top notch on this tour and the sound for the venue was pretty good. Only complaint is more of a venue complaint because due to the balcony there are some occasional line of sight issues, but other than that the place is usually great. The band played a decent amount from their whole catalogue and of course, they finished the night off with their much-hyped wall of sound that was absolutely deafening. I was really only a casual fan of the band prior to seeing them but now that I have seen them I understand why they get so much praise for their live performances.

    9. The Cure - ACL Weekend 2 - First time seeing The Cure and I walked away a much bigger fan than I was before. I went in only really knowing a handful of singles but they put on such a great performance that it makes me upset that I'm only just now seeing them for the first time. Despite playing a festival we got nearly 30 songs and they played for 2 solid hours while the rain came pouring down. The setting was absolutely perfect and really fit the mood of the music. It made buying that second weekend pass worth it even though the final day of the fest got cancelled.

    10. Atoms For Peace - ACL Live at the Moody Theatre - I'm admittedly not a huge fan of Thom Yorke's solo work, but Atoms For Peace were so damn good live. He manages to take all of his mopey songs and somehow make them into dance tracks. The show got announced last minute due to Day 3 of ACL being cancelled so me and Gribbz went downtown and waited in line for 6 hours to get in. They only charged $10 for the show, which helped soften the blow of that long wait, but after seeing it I would easily have paid full price to see them again. The crowd was really into it and it seemed everyone was dancing the whole time, and watching Thom on stage it looks like he's enjoying what he's doing with Atoms For Peace far more than what he did with Radiohead for their last tour cycle. I really hope he continues Atoms for Peace for the next couple of years because they are just a completely different band live than they are on record.

    November 22 - GWAR
    December 13 - Bell Witch
    January 13 - Tool
    January 17 - Tool
    January 26 - Sleep
    January 27 - Sleep
    February 13 - Black Sabbath
    March 23 - Abbath/High On Fire/Skeletonwitch/Tribulation
    March 24 - David Gilmour
    May 13 - The Cure

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    I'm too ashamed to put my top 10. I saw more shows when I was 15 than I did this year.

    Edit: fuck it

    1. Prince @ his house in Chanhassan MN. First time seeing him and it was perfect. Very intimate.
    2. Richie Hawtin @ Movement in Detroit
    3. Hank 3 @ Mill City Nights in Minneapolis MN
    4. My Morning Jacket @ Bayfront Park in Duluth Mn
    5. Dave Chappelle @ First Avenue in Minneapolis MN
    6. Delton 3030 @ First Avenue in Minneapolis MN
    7. Atmosphere @ Bayfront Park in Duluth MN
    8. Christine Hoberg @ Red Star in Duluth MN
    9. MGMT @ First Avenue in Minneapolis MN
    10. Doomtree @ Summer Set Festival in Somerset WI
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    something like this:

    1. The Rolling Stones - Glastonbury
    2. Paul McCartney - Outside Lands
    3. Moderat - Club Nokia
    4. Booka Shade - Coachella
    5. Disclosure - Coachella
    6. Atoms For Peace - Treasure Island
    7. Chic - Glastonbury
    8. Simian Mobile Disco - Coachella
    9. Jagwar Ma - Glastonbury
    10. Four tet - Hideout Music Festival

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Grinderman - Coachella Weekend 1. It was a half empty tent but if you were there you saw a jaw dropping performance. It was intense and it rocked really hard. Definitely the show of the year for me.
    2. Janelle Monae - Coachella Weekend 1. She was a little late but she made up for it by hitting the stage at 120 mph. It was a non stop dance party and the command Monae had of that stage was incredible. I can probably think of 3 more sets from this Coachella that were fantastic this was my second favorite Coachella of all time.
    3. Nine Inch Nails - Phoenix, AZ US Airways- Tension Tour show. Amazing visuals and just an inspiring performance where even the classic over played songs like Head Like a Hole and Hurt were exciting to hear along with all the amazing new material.
    4. Disclosure - Mountain Oasis Music Festival Asheville, NC US Cellular Center. These guys were grinning from ear to ear to be playing a small arena. The whole crowd dance dance danced from start to finish. Featuring Jesse Ware live and playing Settle tracks.
    5. Prince- Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theater. The Purple one and his band Third Eye Girl rocked through new songs, classics and even played some piano and reworked a classic. Always a great performer.
    6. Autre Ne Veut - Mountain Oasis, The Orange Peel Asheville, NC- Intimate show at an outstanding venue. He poured emotion into every track. I enjoyed his slightly raspier natural live voice. He can sure hit those notes and make a sexy album.
    7. Pearl Jam - Glendale Arena Glendale, AZ. This was the first Pearl Jam show in the Phoenix area in a decade. Eddie and the band were in a celebrating mood all night and played for nearly 3 hours. I expected to sit a lot during the show but I couldn't. Far too many great rock songs were played. Wine was poured and kept on rockin' the free world.
    8. Tycho - Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ. What a beautiful set.Tingles whenever a song from the Dive heavy set was performed. It was an hour of bliss.
    9. Charles Bradley - Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix, AZ. Go see Charles. He has two albums out now and there is a documentary about his life which is pretty inspiring but life the emotion and soul pours out of his face while on stage.
    10. Violent Femmes - Coachella Weekend 1. When the Femmes hit the stage at Coachella nobody knew they were going to play their self titled debut from start to finish and when they did, as the sun set on the main stage. I saw a crowd full of people dancing, singing along and smiling so big. It was a fun and communal set full of classic songs that all sounded just right in that setting.

    I could probably do another top ten. Honorable mentions to HTDA at Coachella, Godspeed YOU at Mountain Oasis, Dino Jr., Neutral Milk Hotel and Black Sabbath. I even saw Elton John and Meatloaf this year. Also night two of NIN in Vegas. Nick Cave at chella. It's been a fantastic year for both album releases and live music for me.

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Here are mine:

    Bajofondo @ The Fonda. March 18. Gustavo Santaolalla is a genius.

    Coachella - Saturday April 13. Best night so far in my years visiting the festival:

    ...Savages > DKM > Cafe Tacvba > Violent Femmes > Yeasayer > Postal Service > Franz > J Monae > Sigur Ros

    Neon Desert Music Festival @ El Paso, TX. The best 'boutique' festival out there, haven't had much fun at a concert since I was 15.

    ...Paul Banks > Nortec: Bostich+Fussible > A Band of Bitches > STRFKR > Best Coast > Bosnian Rainbows > Molotov

    Those bolded sets are in my top 10 of the year but both afternoons were so amazing that they deserves a honorable mention.

    Bjork @ Palladium with Biophillia Show. June 2.

    Cafe Tacvba @ Nokia Theater - August 30. El Objecto Antes Llamado Disco set.

    Book of Mormon @ Dallas,TX. Do musicals count? Not really a concert but it was an awesome show.

    System of a Down @ Hollywood Bowl. Bucket list show.

    Pixies @ El Rey. September 6. I would have loved to go to all of the shows they did.

    Moby @ The Fonda - October 3. Awesome double set, worthy of headlining Coachella imo.

    Atoms for Peace @ Hollywood Bowl

    Honorable mentions to How to Destroy Angels, Astro, El Gran Silencio, Alt-J, Bosnian Rainbows and Molotov who always kicks ass live.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    I'm not going to rank these, as pretty much everything I went to was pretty great. Instead, I'm just going to lay them out in Chronological order:

    Coachella, Weekend 1: Blur, Beardyman, Grizzly Bear, OMD, and Dead Can Dance were just some of the highlights.

    Bjork - Hollywood Bowl, June 11th

    Kings of the Mic tour w/ LL Cool J, Ice Cube, Public Enemy & De La Soul - Greek Theatre, July 7th

    Grizzly Bear - Hollywood Forever cemetery, August 9th

    Willie Nelson - Hollywood Bowl, August 10th

    Depeche Mode - Staples Center, Sept. 29th

    Disclosure - Fonda Theatre, Oct. 18th
    Coachellas attended: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 (W1), 2013 (W1)

    Quote Originally Posted by captncrzy View Post
    Theme night listing:

    Thursday Night: Woo, my parents let me out of the house!
    Friday Night: Woo, my parents let me out of the house!
    Saturday Night: Woo, my parents let me out of the house!
    Sunday Night: Boo, I have to go back to my parent's house!
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    The level of sheer laziness and pure speculation and confusion about very easily found and well-known things that this board has gotten to is truly confounding.

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Sigur Ros @ Coachella
    2. NIN @ US Airways Center, Phoenix AZ
    3. Bat for Lashes @ Crescent Ballroom, Phoenix AZ
    4. How to Destroy Angels @ Coachella
    5. Grimes @ Coachella
    6. Haim @ Crescent Ballroom
    7. Phoenix @ Marquee Theater, Tempe AZ
    8. El-P & Killer Mike @ Crescent Ballroom
    9. Spiritualized @ Coachella
    10. Japandroids @ Coachella

    I'm fairly confident that tonights Yeezus show at US Airways will be on this list as well.

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Untold, Sigha, Roman Lindau, Henning Baer @ Stattbad, Berlin
    2. Nine Inch Nails @ Outsidelands
    3. Nils Frahm @ Decibel Festival
    4. Motor City Drum Ensemble @ Melt! Festival
    5. Diamond Version @ Melt! Festival
    6. Kraftwerk 3D, Karenn, Objekt @ Friday Night Sonar Festival
    7. Marcel Dettmann, Radio Slave @ Berghain, Berlin
    8. Atoms For Peace @ Melt! Festival
    9. Ben UFO, Pangea, Pearson Sound, 2562, Joy Orbison @ Off Sonar, Barcelona
    10. Jon Hopkins, Clark, Nathan Fake @ Independent, San Francisco

    HM: Chic, Metro Area, Rrose, Christian Loeffler, Silent Servant, Four Tet, Henrik Schwarz, Jimmy Edgar, Deltron 3030, Moderat, Max Cooper
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. I had been wanting to see these guys for a while, and they did not disappoint. Also, 'The Ship Song' in the encore. With a kids' choir.
    2. The Cure - Lollapalooza. I went to Sunday of Lolla just to see them, and it was worth it. Sure, it was shorter than their usual 3 hour set, but it was perfect for a festival, squeezing in all the crowd-pleasing hits. And while Robert Smith has looked better, his voice was in fine form.
    3. Nine Inch Nails - Chaifetz Arena, St. Louis. I had seen NIN several times before, so they're a favorite of mine, but the visuals in this show were spectacular and took it above "just another NIN concert", which was what I was expecting.
    4. Iron Maiden - Sprint Center, Kansas City. A great metal show with some awesome/hilarious visuals. Played a lot of their best-known songs - 'Run to the Hills', 'The Evil That Men Do', 'The Trooper', 'Fear of the Dark', etc.
    5. Death Grips - The Firebird, St. Louis. The show was only 45 minutes and didn't have Zach Hill. However, this was one of the most intense shows I have ever been a part of. I came out soaked in sweat.
    6. Swans - Pitchfork Fest. I had my doubts about Swans playing an hour out in the sun - I shouldn't have worried. Also, Michael Gira conducted it to where they used every minute - as he was saying goodbye, Kim Deal on the other stage was saying hello.
    7. Kanye West - Sprint Center, Kansas City. One thing I like about Kanye is that there's not a lot of hype talk, or 'throw your hands in the air'-kind of crowd commands like at a lot of rap shows. He just does the songs. This show was over-the-top in all the best ways, the small crowd seemed very appreciative. Plus - a freaking mountain!
    8. Baroness - Mojo's, Columbia. These guys kicked ass, better than expected.
    9. Pissed Jeans - Pitchfork Fest. Aside from being noisy and rocking the fuck out, Matt Korvette had some hilarious stage banter.
    10. Rancid - The Granada, Lawrence. I'm a fan and had never seen these guys in a club, so it was great. I was just happy they played some stuff from 'Life Won't Wait', my favorite album of theirs.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1.Disclosure: Hard Summer, super disappointed i missed their set at coachella for rhcp, but this show made up for it.
    2.Kanye West: Staples Center, Just a great show
    3.Eric Prydz: Hard Day of the Dead: just incredible
    4.Blink 182: Santa Barbara Bowl: loved them since i was in high school, great seeing them live
    5.The Neighborhood:Palladium, kind sucked that they had three opening acts but still a great show
    6.Holy Ghost!:FYF Fest: their first festival performance was great, hoping to see them at coachella
    7.Toro Y Moi: Wiltern, great show, classixx opening up was great also
    8.STRKFR:FYF Fest, they put on a fun show, their rendition of girls just wanna have fun was great
    9.Cut Copy: Hard Day of the Dead: I love Cut Copy and it was great seeing them within all the house music
    10.MGMT: FYF Fest: Electric Feel and Kids gave a great feeling of nostalgia

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. Best concert of 2013 is hands-down The Cure at Foro Sol in Mexico City on Robert Smith's 54th birthday and moments after a 5.9 magnitude earthquake. First time seeing one of the greatest alternative bands of all-time and it was glorious, a true spiritual awakening. The setlist was more than any fan could ever wish for.

    From Slicing Up Eyeballs:

    The Cure’s Robert Smith celebrates birthday with 4-hour, 50-song concert in Mexico City, 22 April 2013

    We’ve been marveling at the length of The Cure’s sets on the band’s just-completed Latin American tour, but last night’s concert in Mexico City took the (birthday) cake: Celebrating his 54th birthday, Robert Smith led the band through a 50-song set that lasted 4 hours and 16 minutes — all after a 5.9-magnitude earthquake rattled the Foro Sol stadium.

    According to Chain of Flowers, the band played a 25-song main set, then came back for four encores totaling another 25 songs — including variations of the Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me-, Disintegration- and Pornography-themed encores the band has been rotating in and out of its shows, and a 12-song final encore that included a pair of extremely rare Smith solo performances (“Three Imaginary Boys,” “Fire in Cairo”).

    Marvel at the epic setlist below.

    1. “Open”
    2. “High”
    3. “The End of the World”
    4. “Lovesong”
    5. “Push”
    6. “In Between Days”
    7. “Just Like Heaven”
    8. “From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea”
    9. “Prayers for Rain”
    10. “Pictures of You”
    11. “Lullaby”
    12. “Sleep When I’m Dead”
    13. “Play for Today”
    14. “A Forest”
    15. “Bananafishbones”
    16. “The Walk”
    17. “Mint Car”
    18. “Friday I’m in Love”
    19. “Doing the Unstuck”
    20. “Trust”
    21. “Want”
    22. “The Hungry Ghost”
    23. “Wrong Number”
    24. “One Hundred Years”
    25. “End”

    26. “The Kiss”
    27. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”
    28. “Fight”

    Encore 2:
    29. “Plainsong”
    30. “The Same Deep Water as You”
    31. “Disintegration”

    Encore 3:
    32. “Shake Dog Shake”
    33. “Cold”
    34. “A Strange Day”
    35. “The Hanging Garden”
    36. “Fascination Street”
    37. “Charlotte Sometimes”
    38. “Primary”

    Encore 4:
    39. “Dressing Up”
    40. “The Lovecats”
    41. “The Caterpillar”
    42. “Close to Me”
    43. “Hot Hot Hot!!!”
    44. “Let’s Go to Bed”
    45. “Why Can’t I Be You?”
    46. “Three Imaginary Boys” (Robert Smith solo)
    47. “Fire in Cairo” (Robert Smith solo)
    48. “Boys Don’t Cry”
    49. “10:15 Saturday Night”
    50. “Killing an Arab”

    Honorable mentions to Morrissey, Portugal. The Man, Sleigh Bells, Nine Inch Nails and The Joy Formidable.

    2. Morrissey at Hollywood High School. I've seen Morrissey many, many times before - he's been in better form and in worse. But this is precisely the type of venue he was born to perform in. And seeing him barely get through the set because of health reasons in this oh so intimate setting with such a checkered albeit glamorous past was life affirming and life altering. He eventually canceled his tour a show or two later - and all of this during the Duck Dynasty-Kimmel debacle, which was a portent of things to come. Morrissey is the poet laureate of GenXers, and this show only proves that. It now is an official DVD/digital download release (you can see me and my friend fleetingly a couple times). One for the annals of music history, for sure.

    3. Portugal. The Man at Wiltern. Finally understood what face melting really meant. Never saw a light show quite as amazing as the one at a full P.TM show in a proper indoor venue (see: not festival setting). It opened my eyes to this band's true innovation and genius. "Evil Friends" is great but "In the Mountain In the Cloud" is one of the best albums of the last 10 years. They also were great at Coachella, even though they conflicted with Violent Femmes, who almost made this list.

    4. Sleigh Bells at El Rey. No band jams harder live than Sleigh Bells. Sure, their "Bitter Rivals" was more like a half hour experimental transitional EP, but it also is the first where Alexis had full say in every number. They are already collaborating hard on album No. 4, which will shut all you mother-fucking naysayers up once and for all.

    5. Nine Inch Nails at Lollapalooza, Made In America and Jimmy Kimmel. Didn't catch the full Tension Tour set but the videos were enough to make me hate myself for missing them at Staples. But great consolations at Lolla, MIA and Kimmel. Trent is a true music visionary and god, evidenced by the fantastic Hesitation Marks and 2013 tour. Please bring this to Coachella, Paul. There are oral favors in it for you if you do. P.S. I swallow.

    6. The Joy Formidable at Life Is Beautiful Festival, Las Vegas. Had to break away from my grindr and SCRUFF apps obligations to catch this set, and am sure glad I did. Second time seeing them and this set only solidified their ranking as one of the best art rock bands making music today. Ritzy is the new Siouxsie Sioux and having the drummer right at the edge of the stage (see: Budgie) is just a brilliant move. Cannot wait for the follow up to Wolf's Law next year.

    And finishing off the Top 10 Live Shows of 2013:

    7. New Order at Lollapalooza then Coachella - 1st time seeing one of my favorite bands (Lolla set had more energy and less dust)
    8. Muse at Staples - fan waaaay before Twilight ruined them
    9. FIDLAR/Wavves at The Echo - get topless, mosh, slam, stage dive (repeat as necessary)
    10. The Orwells at Lollapalooza - cannot wait for their Coachella '14 set

    - also a shout out to Queens of the Stone Age at Lollapalooza and Made In America and Crystal Castles at Lollapalooza and Foals at Park West (official Lollapalooza after show) and Sound City Players at Palladium (not really my thing but a cool show to see if for nothing else than the bragging rights).
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    1. nick cave and bad seeds-coachella
    2. depecehe mode-acl fest
    3. bjork-pitchfork fest
    4. replacements-riot fest
    5. leonard cohen-milwaukee theater
    6. neko case-riverside theater
    7. solange-pitchfork fest
    8. the cure-acl fest
    9. blur-coachella order- coachella

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by nathanfairchild View Post
    6. Nine Inch Nails - The Joint - I think this was my 6th time seeing NIN but it was my first time seeing them at The Joint in Las Vegas. I really can't praise that venue highly enough. The sound quality there was exceptional. Seeing NIN without the giant screen and all of the added features that he used on the rest of the tour really didn't matter because the sound and the performance were so good. Hesitation Marks is an album that is meant to be heard live. The backup singers for the new songs really gave it some much needed depth and just elevated the performance to make it probably the best I've ever seen them. If you had ay reservations about the new album then I would encourage you to check it out live because it is a completely different beast in a live setting.
    It's funny that you say this because I thought the sound for this show was pretty weak - it just wasn't loud enough. There were many times I thought to myself, turn this shit up!
    fuckin' with the lights on

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Halfway through the year I decided my two favorite shows were Prince at the Grove and Petty at the Fonda. At year's end I'm not sure if that's changed. Nine Inch Nails probably had the best light show all year and Pearl Jam was great, but I don't think they best the intimacy of the former two.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Fuzz View Post
    It's funny that you say this because I thought the sound for this show was pretty weak - it just wasn't loud enough. There were many times I thought to myself, turn this shit up!
    It wasn't so much the loudness that impressed me, but the clarity. Compared to most shows I saw this year this one definitely was the cleanest sounding.

    November 22 - GWAR
    December 13 - Bell Witch
    January 13 - Tool
    January 17 - Tool
    January 26 - Sleep
    January 27 - Sleep
    February 13 - Black Sabbath
    March 23 - Abbath/High On Fire/Skeletonwitch/Tribulation
    March 24 - David Gilmour
    May 13 - The Cure

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Would be cool to do a top 10 or 20 list from this whole thread.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Great Thread Guys - As per usual for this old-timer, Coachella makes up about 70% of my annual concert going experience, but here's my top ten.

    1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Coachella Week 2 - Most massive feeling show I attended all year.

    2. The Stone Roses - Coachella Week 2 - A bucket lister for me. The group took a lot of heat for Ian Brown's horrible week one singing, but he pull it together enough week 2 to let the band's ridiculous chops shine through, not to mention the best sing-along show I've attended since McCartney's Coachella stint.

    3. Janelle Monae - Club Nokia Los Angeles - See Boourns description in earlier post...he nails what it was like to be there that night. Even better than her Coachella set.

    4. Vintage Trouble - Coachella Week 2 - One of the best pre-3pm set I've ever seen on the polo-grounds, right there with Black Joe Lewis - unspectacular songs elevated to insane levels by unreal chops and showmanship.

    5. The National/Daughter - The Greek Los Angeles - Not the best I've seen from them, took a few songs to get dialed in...but oh do those High Violet anthem's, especially Afraid Of Everyone and England, play amazing live. New stuff sounded great, too...and a nifty acoustic Vanderlye Crybaby Geeks to close. Other than Janelle's show, didn't see a crowd leave in better spirits all year.

    6. Thee Oh Sees - Coachella Week 2 - 40 minutes of rubbernecking Psych-rock delight.

    7. The Flaming Lips/Tame Impala/White Denim Halloween Bloodbath - The Greek Los Angeles - Wayne, covered in blood, dressed as Carrie, crazy good light show, and a monstrous opening cover of the Theme to Halloween made this one memorable evening - the fact that White Denim delivered some country-rock goodness and Tame Impala was best of three times I've seen them was only icing on the cake.

    8. Dr. John's Tribute to Louis Armstrong - The Hollywood Bowl - Different kind of evening and vibe, but such an enjoyable wine-sipping night. Arturo Sandaval stole the night!

    9. Franz Ferdinand - Coachella Week 2 - Was gonna give this set a pass, having caught their full set in '09, but boy, was this fun...much rougher sounding than '09 but the band just feels right in a tent. One of the most enthusiastic crowds I've seen since Cut//Copy.

    10. Bat For Lashes - Coachella Week 2 - One of the weekends definite standouts, what a voice, and oh, that smile of hers. So endearing.
    AC / DC - Steely Dan - Ride - Fly-Lo - Raekwon & GFK - Lykke Li - Caribou - Todd Terje - Rev. Horton Heat - Charles Bradley - Eagulls - Allah-Las - Jon Hopkins

    Swans - Belle & Sebastian - Jack White - Parquet Courts - Run The Jewels - War On Drugs - Perfume Genius - Drive Like Jehu - Alt-J - Bad Religion - Jungle - Kasabian - Royal Blood

    Built To Spill - St. Vincent - Ryan Adams - John Talabot - Angel Olsen - Sturgil Simpson - Mac DeMarco - Joyce Manor - Orwells

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    There are four more shows I'm going to this year that all have the potential to make my list. Ask me again on Dec 31st.
    Nov 6th - Deerfhoof at the Echoplex
    Nov 7th - The Red Krayola at REDCAT
    Nov 11th - Kendrick Lamar at the Wiltern
    Nov 13th - Yo La Tengo at the Ace Hotel
    Dec 10th - Kamasi Washington at Club Nokia
    Dec 11th - The Bug Feat Earth and Liz Harris at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever

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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    By points (#1 = 10 points, #10 = 1 point)

    1. NIN - 72
    2. Disclosure - 39
    3. Kanye West - 30
    4. Nick Cave - 29
    5. Paul McCartney - 26
    6t. Sigur Ros - 24
    6t. The Cure - 24
    8. The Rolling Stones - 20
    9t. Depeche Mode - 19
    9t. How to Destroy Angels - 19
    9t. Janelle Monae - 19
    9t. Moby - 19

    By mentions

    1. NIN - 9
    2. Disclosure - 5
    3t. Kanye West - 4
    3t. Nick Cave - 4
    3t. Sigur Ros - 4
    3t. The Cure - 4
    7t. Paul McCartney - 3
    7t. How to Destroy Angels - 3
    7t. Atoms for Peace - 3
    7t. New Order - 3

    Blur, Disclosure and How to Destroy Angels at Coachella were listed more than once each (but I am not going to research which weekend folks mean). Same for NIN at Outside Lands and Paul McCartney at Glastonbury. Only possible double-mention non-festival show is Muse at Staples.

    This is from the 19 valid lists (I collected data before IlliniQ posted, sorry). I ignored lists without rankings. I only counted the first band mentioned if you listed off a string.
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    QOTSA at Apogee for KCRW taping. 2 feet from a rock idol the whole night.

    Blur at Coachella

    Franz Ferdinand at Coachella

    QOTSA at Gibson, great final show at that venue

    Lumineers at Coachella, not a fan of the band per se, but was able to have the family come to Coachella on Sunday thanks to the generosity of the greatest friend/festival producer ever and got to enjoy their set together, first set for the kids (5 & 7) in what will be a long Coachella going career, they danced around, smiling the whole time which brought pure joy to my soul. May have also been my last day of Coachella ever, best way to end it, sharing a place so special to me with them. Taking them on crazy golf cart rides was also awesome.

    Will edit when home and have a list in front of me
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    Default Re: Top 10 Shows/Sets Of 2013

    Apogee is great.

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