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Thread: Which of the following will NOT headline this year

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    Default Which of the following will NOT headline this year

    Headline = Co-Headline in this poll
    Quote Originally Posted by dj12inches View Post
    What makes me qualified? I've watched EVERY fucking episode of American Idol, and every single episode of The Voice...Forget that I won departmental music awards when I was in the 8th grade choir.

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    Default Re: Which of the following will NOT headline this year

    why would you even include outkast
    Quote Originally Posted by psychic friend View Post
    the best songs are the ones that dont remind you of anyone in particular yet still give you that utter euphoric contentedness of perfection in your mind, body and soul. keep them close.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boourns View Post
    A bag of doritos > RHCP > getting kicked in the balls > Mumford & Sons > skinned alive > Macklemore
    Quote Originally Posted by elliottb View Post
    Ohh god, you guys are so fucking sensitive. Yes there is potential to get laid at Coachella if you camp or are willing to have sex against the fences by the Sahara.

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