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    does anybody know when coachella tickets normally go on sale??? and how does it work?

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    Usually in Janaury, check back then. It usually works by opening a browser on your computer, going to the webpage that is selling the tickets (link on coachella site when it's ready), and then choosing what weekend you want, and hoping they don't run out of any while you're in the waiting room waiting to select your quantity and checkout.

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    don't try it's not worth it

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    Nobody knows

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    What's Coachella?
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    You giant pussy.

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    They're SELLING tickets this year?


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    You don't want to camp

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaxBlank View Post
    They're SELLING tickets this year?

    Seriously. Bunch of sell outs. What happened to goldenvoice doing it for the love of music?

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    Thickets. Lots of thickets.
    idm ✦ sts

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