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Thread: How do the festival stages/tents work?

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    Default How do the festival stages/tents work?

    This may be a stupid question, but this will be my first Coachella...
    Are the stages organized by acts, like EDM, Indie, International, Headliners, hip hop, etc?

    I know there are a lot of different stages, so I would like to know what area to stay around.


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    Default Re: How do the festival stages/tents work?

    Just go through past lineups and stage times.
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    Default Re: How do the festival stages/tents work?

    You'll be at the sahara all weekend.
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    Is Xanman really big enough to sub?
    Is Motorave going to bring enough special guests with him?
    Is Nathan Fairchild's set going to be less awesome when I reflect back on it in a few months?
    Is Bumblebee's set going to consist of her just reading coachella facts for 50 mins?
    Is Guedita going to sound more like Karin O or Alice Glass?
    Is MJA going to be the first true EDM headliner?
    So many questions...

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    Default Re: How do the festival stages/tents work?

    Circulate. You'll have a better time and open your world up to other musical possibilities, get a work out, see lots of cool stuff, have an magic Coachella adventure, etc.

    Or you can just hang out in the Sahara, and hear the same song over and over again all weekend (most likely).
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    Default Re: How do the festival stages/tents work?

    Just park yourself on a big comfy couch in the VIP area. It's all you'll ever need.
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    Default Re: How do the festival stages/tents work?

    I remember my first time...
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