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Thread: Too late for camping passes?

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    Default Too late for camping passes?

    I am going to Coachella weekend 1. Originally, I bought a hotel shuttle pass with my ticket and thought my friend had a pass, too. Something happened with the payment transfer and now my friend doesn't have a shuttle pass, only the ticket... Long story.

    We are now thinking of car camping. I have two questions...
    1. Even though we already bought a ticket, can we buy a car camping pass separately?
    2. Do you think there will be any car camping passes left when the regular sale happens in January?
    I saw that they sold out right away last year.

    Thanks for your help

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    Default Re: Too late for camping passes?

    They usually sell out pretty quickly. I know last year, I was able to call customer service prior to the regular sale to add a camping pass onto my order. I'm not sure if that's something they'll do this year, but it doesn't hurt to try.

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    Default Re: Too late for camping passes?

    Definitely try to contact them before the regular sale and see if you can add on. If they say no, the day of the sale call them and ask to add on a car camping pass. My group may have an extra one possibly, not sure yet this far out though.
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    Try reaching out to your cousin yet?

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    Not sure if you've already called them and fixed the problem, but I had the same dilemma. I called frontgate on Thursday and added a car camping pas to my order no problem.

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