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Thread: Blood brothers 2014

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    Default Blood brothers 2014

    Feeling nostalgic and would love to see this band reunite for a 430 pit on the outdoor stage.
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    This seems more like an FYF thing, but I'd be down. Burn Piano Island Burn has some jams.
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    True but one can hope... for some reason I thought one of the band members said they were thinking about playing again together, but could be just making that up.
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    Default Re: Blood brothers 2014

    Definitely more likely for FYF, but it could happen. Support.
    This ain't no middle of the mall shit.

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    Interview where he says it could happen so theres that
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    Default Re: Blood brothers 2014

    oh hell yes. they were ATDI'd in their prime.

    that whole article is a good read too.

    so glad i got to see them before the breakup. right before, in fact. with ultra dolphins in charlottesville VA. tiny ass little spot too. i was holding the keyboards up at points, and laying on the stage between johhny and jordan screaming in my face. wild night.

    ended up in jail because of that night, actually, for testing my new car out on the drive back.
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    This has long been my hoped Coachella reunion.
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    I would be down with this. It's been years since I revisited them, but they put on some crazy ass god damned shows back in the day.

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