Hello Everyone,

So 2014 will be my first Coachella experience and I am seriously considering a Safari Tent. Every review I have read says, "If you have the money for it, it's worth every penny." Money is not the issue with me, it is the experience. So here are my pros and cons so far:

1) Since I am traveling from Ohio by plane, I will not have a tent or any of my own camping supplies to bring, so a furnished tent with A/C and single shower access is HUGE for me.
2) I can reserve a Safari Tent now and be set, no worry about getting tickets/accomodations when they go on sale to the general public in January.
3) GUEST PASS- from what I hear they are the best, most exclusive passes you can get to Coachella.

1) The cost. $6500 is a lot of money and the cost differencial between the Safari Tents and the rest of the camping options is substantial.
2) I still am wondering if just renting a 4 person tent at Lake Eldorado and getting 4 VIP passes would be almost as good while saving a couple thousand dollars.

Any input or comments are really appreciated!