The last one was Damon Albarn

DAMON ALBARN (UK) incarnates Roskilde Festival’s ambitions like few others. Quality, innovation and open boundaries have always been main priorities with this British star. Music genres such as Britpop, Afropop, alternative rock and Chinese opera are listed in his impressive CV. 2014 finds the versatile and eclectic performer releasing his first actual solo album, Everyday Robots. The songs’ subject matter is more directly personal than before and is inspired by Albarn’s experiences from early childhood to now, including the trappings of our modern existence, computer games, mobile phones and nature versus technology. And now we get to experience these songs at Roskilde Festival.

INTERPOL (US) helped kickstart rock in the early 00s. In 2014, Paul, Daniel and Sam finally put an end to four years of silence. The New Yorkers majestic and melodic guitar rock is steeped in sadness and desperation – but also a dark glamour as chic and urban as the band's black wardrobe.

WARPAINT (US) develop on the expression from dark impressionists such as Siouxsie & The Banshees and Cocteau Twins and add a touch of their hometown of Los Angeles. Their steamy art rock contains plenty of space and light. The rich rhythmic finesse on the 2014 album Warpaint is, according to the girls themselves, nurtured with inspiration from hip hop and trip hop.