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Thread: Roskilde Festival 2014

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    Default Roskilde Festival 2014

    The ticket sales for Roskilde Festival 2014 started last week, the date next year are 3-6 of July with camping opening from 29th of June.

    The ticket price is the same as last year, 1910 DKK (including Fee)

    No names has been revealed yet but some changes are announced.

    The 5.000 capacity Odeon stage, 6.000 capacity Cosmopol stage and 1.500 capacity Pavilion Jr. stage will not be there next year.

    Instead a new stage called Avalon with a capacity between 3.000 and 12.000 will open, The capacity is flexible because the tent is open on one side allowing people to stand outside the tent and watch the concert.
    This stage is located where Cosmopol was located.

    Roskilde Rising is a new outdoor stage located in the camping area (near City Center East) and will function in the warm up days together with the Apollo Countdown stage.

    The camping area will open on sunday 29th instead of Saturday as the previous years, making it a 8 day event instead of 9.

    Because of the fewer stages and warm up days, the number of bands performing at next years festival will be be around 160 instead of 200 but the music budget is the same.

    Sorry for my clumsy english but i hope you get the point.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Good news from Roskildes facebook page.

    The Roskilde people have spoken. You want music announcements!
    So, we’re filling next week up with Roskilde acts.

    And we’ll make sure to be all over the genre map. Look forward to both rock, hip hop, metal, pop and electronica - as some kind of concentrate of that unpredictable diversity that is Roskilde.

    And then you’ll get the big guns later in the season.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    The teaser for next weeks announcements

    Monday at 13:00: Haim consist of 3 girls and has 300.000 likes and makes pop

    Monday at 09:00: Danish female singer singer Mø has 50.000 likes and makes pop

    Friday at 11:00: Trentemøller has 340.000 likes and makes electronica.
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Monday at 11:00 Neurosis and makes rock

    But lets see. :-)
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    The likes for Wednesday are 230.000 and 620.000.

    So Wednesday 13:00 fits with Pusha T.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Mø, Deerhunter and Haim was the first artist added.

    Tomorrow it will be more heavy.

    DEERHUNTER (US) stick to the virtues of alternative rock while their fan base keeps on growing. The boys have become a household name with a series of diverse, loud and warmly melodic albums. Lead singer Bradford Cox is a rather unique phenomenon with his songwriting gifts and his flamboyant stage performance.

    HAIM (US) combines soft pop and rock reminiscent of 70s and 80s radio with a tickling, sharp inspiration from more recent R&B stars. The trio constantly wins over new fans with their strong pop melodies, chilled attitude and enthralling shows – their live performances often have an emphasis on rock.

    MØ (DK) has conquered countless pop fans all over the world with her snappy and street-wise electronic pop. Despite her past in punk, Karen Marie Ørsted also has the chops to perform heartbreaking balladry with a classic pop flavour. Style icons like Diplo have already collaborated with this fiery comet of Scandinavian pop.
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    thats a killer teaser idea, I wish Coachella did something like that!
    Upcoming Shows:
    Fever Ray: 5/18 @ Metro
    Radiohead: 7/07 @ United Center
    Smashing Pumpkins: 8/19 @ Xcel Energy Center
    Metallica: 9/02 @ Kohl Center
    Metallica: 9/04 @ Target Center
    Metallica: 9/08 @ Alerus Center
    Riot Fest: 9/14-16 @ Douglas Park
    Metallica: 10/16 @ Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center
    Metallica: 3/09 @ KFC Yum! Center

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    CARCASS (GB) are legends within grindcore and death metal. After 17 years of silence, their new record Surgical Steel rediscovers the assets that have given the band its unique status. Carcass doing Roskilde Festival will be an important event for Scandinavian fans of extreme metal in 2014.

    NAILS (US) play hardcore and take no prisoners. Their 2013 album Abandon All Life delivers 10 brutal tunes in 18 minutes. Nails have something in store for all hard music fanatics – also fans of grindcore and death metal – who cherish maximum brutality and speed.
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Carcass and Nails both had fantastic albums released this year. Those are great gets.

    April 24 - Queens of the Stone Age
    April 26-28 - Levitation

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Well I'm more into yesterdays releases (minus Mø)

    I'm guessing that we will see 2 hiphop/urban acts tomorrow, atleast the second teaser points towards Pusha T.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    DILATED PEOPLES (US) are a treasured threesome among lovers of smart backpacker West Coast hip hop. Their intelligent tunes ooze integrity, grit and rebellious Rasta roots. Dilated Peoples visited Roskilde Festival back in 1999 with a rising underground profile. It’ll be a delight to welcome them back as celebrated cult heroes armed with a brand-new album.

    PUSHA T (US) is back in focus. The former Clipse member has come into the fold of admirer Kanye West. My Name Is My Name is the outcome, the best album since Clipse’s peak, when the duo also paid Roskilde Festival a visit. Pusha T introduces a poppier sound than before, but he is still a tough bro who’s hooked on the dark and evil beats.
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    So I guess with Arcade Fire playing Northside, they're out.

    April 24 - Queens of the Stone Age
    April 26-28 - Levitation

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    I would guess so, their European tour ends just before Roskilde but they had trying to book them.

    Franz Ferdinand,The National, QOTSA and Pixies are also performing at Northside so they are probably also ruled out.

    The National and QOTSA was at Roskilde this year so its not a big loss

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Cyril Hahn and Trentemøller was this weeks final announcements.

    TRENTEMØLLER (DK) is a much sought-after producer, songwriter and composer. We are likely to experience a show alternating between analogue indie rock and neon purple streams of bubbling synths, and techno beats like on his new album Lost. Trentemøller’s concert at Roskilde will be the only chance to catch this star in his home country this summer.

    CYRIL HAHN (CH) turns R&B into something alien and haunted. Remixes of Beyonce, Solange, Haim and Mariah Carey have made Cyril Hahn quite a remix sensation right now. He often slows down the songs and finds new, stranger emotions by means of echo, reverb, pitch and beat tweaking, creating something quite unsettling from familiar material.
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    One more headliner is added, if Trentemøller is considered a headliner.

    ARCTIC MONKEYS (UK) made it to top 3 when we recently asked the Roskilde audience about their biggest music wishes for the next festival.

    The British favourites jumped on the rock history train back in 2006 - that's when they also played Roskilde Festival as fresh debutantes.

    In 2014 Arctic Monkeys return to Orange Stage as one of the most beloved and requested rock bands of today.

    On their recent album AM the British lads have perfected their flirt with American cactus rock. Arctic Monkeys have become an adult band with heavy balls and the guts to experiment with genres such as R&B and hip hop. Yet, you also still find tales of longing, sweaty armpits and romantic quests reminiscent of the Sheffield night life.

    We are proud to have this ever-growing rock band back.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Hey Bongo, what's the crossover with Øyafestivalen like?

    April 24 - Queens of the Stone Age
    April 26-28 - Levitation

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Usually they tend to share around 20 acts from the headliners to the smallest names.

    But Øya only has around 80 concerts each year and Roskilde around 180-200 concerts, but only 160 this year.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    New teaser for fridays announcements

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    The people on the Roskilde board is very confident that its Anthony B.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Well no Anthony B :-)

    MAJOR LAZER (US) aims the guns at Orange Stage. American super cosmopolitan Diplo, the project’s main finger-on-the-trigger, constantly hijacks musical genres and builds his own chrome-shining distortion of dancehall, reggaeton and practically everything else with a (dance) pulse.

    Two more names in global colour
    In addition to today’s Orange smash hit, we give you two more acts adding global colours to the music line-up.

    MARK ERNESTUS presents JERI-JERI (DE/SN) sounds like stepping into a spiral of syncopated rhythms with the shimmering vocals of Mbene Diatta Secks on top. As an ambassador, mastermind and producer for this clan of musicians, Mark Ernestus is making the world a larger and roomier place for music lovers.

    SYSTEMA SOLAR (CO) mixes house, hip hop and techno with Columbia’s own genres such as cumbia, champeta and bullerengue. Everything under the Latin American sun has melted into a mix of equal parts urban beats, Caribbean light and elements from South America’s African diaspora. Reports tell of a live band in great form.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Roskilde is starting 2014 with some smaller Danish and Swedish names.

    JENNY WILSON (SE) is (wo)manning the barricades on her new album Demand The Impossible! Her Scandinavian mixture of R&B, Giorgio Moroder and alternative pop has become much more politically charged and hungry for life than before. The chanteuse with the crystal-clear voice and the hummable tunes has returned triumphantly with a new record – her best so far according to herself.

    HYMNS FROM NINEVEH (DK) combine folk, pop, and alternative rock with a beauty and poetry full of belief and spirituality. The recent album from this massive songwriting talent has a larger scope than before and is suited for a much larger audience.

    BOMBUS (SE) has a classic and muscular heavy rock sound reeking of diesel and leather. With a fondness of meaty grooves, riffs and noisy trouble, the Gothenburg lads are likely to become part of the Scandinavian hard rockin’ wave already including Kvelertak, Ghost and Graveyard.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Here is a aftermovie from last years festival and a short resume of what to expect this year.

    Let’s celebrate the new year with a quick overview of some of the things that you can look forward to at RF14. Two new stages are on the way, and we have big plans for Street City and Dream City. And lots of new music will be announced in the coming weeks.
    So far we have unveiled 16 acts for RF14. From now on we are speeding up the announcements.

    We have to reach no less than 160 acts before the poster is filled up.

    The first version of the poster will be presented to you on 3 April, and it will include our take on the most iconic, contemporary, exciting and challenging music right now.

    Avalon surrounded by trees
    When you land at the festival site this summer, you’ll find a whole new stage between the trees west of the Orange Stage.

    We call it Avalon, and we are experimenting with a new flexible format that combines a roofed tent with an open air view to the stage. This means that concerts on Avalon can be experienced in a close and intimate setting when you are surrounded by 2999 others guests in the crowd – but also as a party maker when 12,000 people turn up for a show.

    New stage for Rising stars
    We’ll also build a new stage to serve the artists who have yet to experience their breakthrough. It’s at our festival that you will meet the talents before they are breaking the sound barrier elsewhere. In 2013, MØ was one of our bids for a future star – in 2014 she’ll perform on a much bigger stage.

    The new stage – which we have named Rising – is located on your home turf, the camping area. The artists are all yours – give them a warm welcome!

    In total, you’ll find seven stages on RF14 – Apollo, Pavilion, Avalon, Orange Stage, Gloria, Arena and Rising - and a heck lot of beautiful sound, lights and visuals, which we integrate into the music experience to the extent that you are unlikely to meet at any other festival.

    Big plans and wild camps
    We have big plans for the skating mecca Street City in Camping West. Here we’ll invite more international stars to the ramps. And do expect that we will lure you there with a party or two that you haven’t heard of in advance.

    We can also assure you that the co-created Dream City is here to stay. 35 camps created the city together in 2013, and we aim at opening the area for building and constructing many weeks in advance in the spring of 2014. So think creatively and keep an eye on our website if you want to contribute to a wild and sustainable camp at Roskilde Festival.

    We are also preparing our extensive art committee in the new Art Zone. Our volunteers are working with new ideas to make it easier for you to clean up – because we really need your participation, so we can use our profits on charity instead on garbage trucks.

    In a few weeks, we’ll present the final recipients of donations as you may have suggested in the campaign Your Donations in the autumn. We received more than 200 propositions from our guests, which is far beyond our expectations. Thanks!

    Time to say goodbye...
    We’ll never make space for new things if we don’t say goodbye to old things.

    We say goodbye to the stages Odeon and Cosmopol to welcome two new stages. The sustainable Odeon reached 10 years on the field behind Orange Stage, but now we are planning to build a fairly attractive camping area on the spot instead.

    We are also examining whether the grass field that finally replaced the gravel pit is strong enough for the weight of all your tents and heavyweight mobile stereos in 2014.

    You have also visited Pavilion Junior and Sonic Zone for the last time. We will sharpen our focus on upcoming music with the new Rising stage instead, and the blue Pavilion stage will remain as the boiling rock club where you can get really intimate with the artists.

    We’ll also put our cinema on stand-by in 2014, until we have a more brilliant idea (than the open-air version in 2013) that can shake new life into the 20-year-old cinema.

    Finally, we say goodbye to 24 hours! RF14 opens Sunday 29 June at 18:00. We think that the festival period was too long and unclear, since we moved the opening till Saturday back in 2010. Now we are tightening up a bit. You can now look forward to four days of life, partying and music at the campsite – followed by four days of music and arts at the festival site.

    Save up with Flexpay
    And all of this is just a superficial scratch in the surface. Our volunteers are busy planning the best environment and experiences for you and your camp, and we can only advise you to keep an eye out for more news on this page or on Facebook or Twitter (our event tag is #rf14).

    If you are already convinced and tempted by the prospect of a week-long festival bash in Roskilde, you can buy your ticket here.

    Do you have low tide on the account in January, you should consider our new Flexpay solution where you pay what you want, when you want. It does not get any easier to save up for the best party this summer.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Its Wednesday at it means some new names for the poster.

    ROB ZOMBIE (US) has built a show in the depraved rock tradition of Alice Cooper and Ozzy Osbourne. The devilish treats are based on cartoons, bloody horror movies and raven-black hard rock that is danceable, scary and wickedly funny. The American icon was also confirmed in 2011 – but back then he wasn’t able to make it after all. It’s a great pleasure to have this rock spectacle back on the festival poster in 2014.

    THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER (US) plays engaging and melodic death metal with European inspiration. Each new record and tightly knit tour schedule from this hardworking unit draw them closer to their sources of inspiration such as Carcass, At The Gates and In Flames. Everybody into brutal music should look forward to a death metal treat that is fast, furious and fun, played by people who obviously love the genre.

    CORRECTIONS HOUSE (US) consists of members from celebrated metal acts Neurosis, Eyehategod, Minsk and Yakuza. With this enigmatic new project they experiment with industrial, goth, electronics, baritone saxophone and nihilistic spoken word. This new context lets the band members take their signature sounds into surprising directions. The debut album Last City Zero has surprised fans of the aforementioned bands by being something completely different to what was expected.

    Last wednesday during the site maintenance these names were released.

    FIRE! ORCHESTRA (SE) contain members from respected Swedish acts such as The Thing, Dungen, Loney Dear and Wildbirds & Peacedrums and will be about 30 musicians (!) on stage. The huge Scandinavian ensemble uses brass, piano, bass and drums to create a cacophony capable of challenging the nightmare factor and macabre beauty of metal and noise bands.

    JAMBINAI (KR) combines the sounds of Asian tradition with post-rock and noise jazz. The harrowing music slowly builds a nest in your mind with its challenging harmonies. Mournful bamboo oboes, electronic loops and 1000-year-old string instruments interfere with grating guitars in hectic climaxes.

    BLOOD ON A FEATHER (DK/US) builds psychedelic sound labyrinths and is one of the most interesting acquaintances on Copenhagen’s experimental folk scene right now. American singer Sarah Hepburn’s beautiful chants provide the human touch, while Mikkel Elzer conjures up spiderwebby silver patterns with his guitar.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    New teaser for Wednesday.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Some of the guesses that has been around that I think are correct.

    Julia Holter because she was number 1 in Wires end of the year list and the likes fits.

    Future Of The Left fits the Robocop picture, its the future and the likes is also correct.
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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    BLACK PUS (US) unleashes psychedelic forces from the beyond in some kind of overheated mixture of free jazz and noise rock. Brian Chippendale is celebrated chaos duo Lightning Bolt’s drummer – performing as Black Pus he is the sole musician on stage. With manic drumming, effect pedals and his own distorted vocals, he effectuates a thick, sonic attack nonetheless.

    FUTURE OF THE LEFT (UK) are constantly on the lookout for sacred cows to slay with their feisty mix of alternative guitar rock, punk and hardcore. The sarcastic contrarians cunningly combine mayhem and bookish intellect and are regarded by many as one of the most overlooked bands in the UK.

    JULIA HOLTER (US) has been introduced to Roskilde’s audience in 2012. The highly detailed music has a light touch, making Julia Holter’s universe alluring and broad. According to picky music magazine Wire, Loud City Song, Julia Holter’s third record since 2011, was the best album of 2013.

    HOOKWORMS (UK) play narcotic, ice-cold noise rock based on infinite loops, ferocious creativity, and a sense of underlying depression. The list of noisy bands fond of the 70s acid rock scene and the cosmic repetition of kraut rock is long. But few of those bands share Hookworms’ bite and sense of newness.

    MERCHANDISE (US) consists of members who used to be part of Florida’s hardcore scene, but today most people cherish the band for their American update of The Smiths and Joy Division. Their planned 2014 album finds the band on legendary label 4AD and with an altogether new modus operandi. The noisy romantics plan to reinvent themselves as a pop band.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Your guys probably don´t know how big this is

    PSYCHED UP JANIS (DK) has agreed to meet the demand from a generation who has entered adulthood to the soundtrack of classic tracks like “I Died In My Teens”.

    The legendary duo’s first Roskilde visit in 15 years will be a party likely to stimulate both memories and guitar amps.

    The music on their 90s classic Swell was pungent and melodic. Already at this point it was clear that Sune Rose Wagner had a talent for grainy guitar rock full of bite, nostalgic innocence and evergreen potential.

    This gift would later also serve him well as part of the internationally acclaimed duo The Raveonettes.

    Psyched Up Janis’ said goodbye to their audience at Roskilde Festival’s Green Stage back in 1999. It will be beautiful with a visit from these Danish legends. Psyched Up Janis played countless Roskilde shows through the 90s.

    We continue with more names on Wednesday
    Not into noisy rock or Danish nostalgia? Don’t worry. On Wednesday we dress in golden chains, sneakers and Stars and Stripes and announce an entirely different bunch of names.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    As expected it was hip hop artist that was announced today.

    A$AP FERG (US) is the Harlem crew A$AP’s crown prince and has justified his status with Trap Lord, a debut album full of shabby beats, smoking guns and a certain amount of 90s nostalgia. A$AP Ferg has also given the clubs the groovy, dancehall-like party banger “Shabba”, another prove of a new big talent.

    EARL SWEATSHIRT (US) was for long hip hop collective Odd Future’s mysteriously absent member. Now the West Coast rapper has stepped onto the stage with the solo debut Doris. Here, we meet a boy who is transforming into one of alternative hip hop’s big laid-back voices. His misty hip hop prefers complex rhythms and technical brilliance over hit list potential and corny choruses.

    WORLD’S FAIR (US) have named themselves after the world exhibition that bathed the whole city in (extra) glitter in 1964. This collective wants to do the same for Queens in 2014. Fronted by six very different MCs, World's Fair is a motley bag of treats. The first step on the way to the Queens renaissance is Bastards Of The Party, which is indeed a party album. The promising collective brings the party to Roskilde Festival. We can’t wait.

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Some appetizers from last years festival.

    The National from last years Festival

    Sigur Rós

    Queens Of The Stone Age

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    Default Re: Roskilde Festival 2014

    Teaser for tomorrow

    The left one should be Interpol, the upper one Warpaint and the right one i have no clue about.

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