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Thread: Looking to Share Off Site Accomadations

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    Default Looking to Share Off Site Accomadations

    Hi All,

    My boyfriend and I are looking to share a rental home with some chill people for weekend 1. This is my third year and his second. Camping has been my thing in the past, but after getting sick last year and being super uncomfortable I think I'd rather go home to an actual house at the end of the night and get a good nights rest. If you have space in your rental and are looking for more people, please consider us. We are easy going, neat, respectable, 20-something New Yorkers. Let me know. Thank you!

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    Default Re: Looking to Share Off Site Accomadations

    respectable New Yorkers?


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    Default Re: Looking to Share Off Site Accomadations

    I live in Blythe and can blow up andair mattress for you two in my trailer. You guys DTF? Lets Party!

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    Default Re: Looking to Share Off Site Accomadations

    I havent posted anything quite yet, but we rent out our extra bedrooms in our home. we live in the indian palms country club, which is located diagonally across from the festival. we offer our guest bedroom as well as our office (has a couch and we provide a queen air mattress with blankets.) we also allowed someone to pitch a tent outside in our interior patio. we are just my boyfriend and i.
    we had an amzing experience last year with the all the people we had in our home! so we are looking forward to doing it again.
    we will provide a contract and require 1/2 of the money ahead of time, the rest paid in cash when you arrive.
    we provide a nice, clean space which gives you the freedom to the living room to hang out, space in a frige for you snacks and drinks. we also provide water and a few snacks.
    if this sounds appealing to anyone, please let me know!
    you would be walking distance to the festival!

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