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Thread: volunteering at Coachella & travel

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    Default volunteering at Coachella & travel

    HOPEFULLY I will be coming from the East Coast to work at Coachella and staying in Palm Springs a little over a week to do both weekends.
    1. when does volunteer signup begin?
    2. is there an orientation you have to go to? (a lot of festivals here have them)

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    Default Re: volunteering at Coachella & travel

    Volunteer appllications are in January and they run $349
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    Default Re: volunteering at Coachella & travel

    .................................................. ..............
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    Default Re: volunteering at Coachella & travel

    Festival Guy spawn?
    I remember the days when water was free and porn cost money.

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    Default Re: volunteering at Coachella & travel

    Its not about the money, its about the help. Good luck getting on the team!

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    Default Re: volunteering at Coachella & travel

    I think they need volunteer Billy Bob lookalikes at Stagecoach, to help out with tent camping.
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