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Thread: Whos stayed ate de Worldmark Indio?

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    Default Whos stayed ate de Worldmark Indio?

    I was searching for a house with pool to rent once my friend ir turning 30 on APril 11, so we would like to celebrate, but im finding it all too expensive. I just checked the prices for the Worldmark and it seems reasonably.

    Does anyone know if people party at the pool during the day before de fest or is it calm and relaxing?

    Thanks a lot.

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    I stayed there last year and I loved it. A lot of people do hang out at the pool during the day and play music, but it is a family resort, so there are kids around and you have to be quiet after 10pm. I only had a problem with this on the Thursday night before since we were there. Usually Fri,Sat, Sun night I just go straight to bed after partying all day at the fest!

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    Wow feherz you sound like a great time. Id reccomend renting a house in Palm Springs. It's a little more expensive but there definitely wont be anyone in the pool.
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